159 piles booked for Moray East

After the big order success in the Beatrice offshore wind project, for which EEW produced more than 70,000 tons of pipes in 2017, the next big offshore wind order was booked for the Moray East project (jacket foundations).To date, DEME GeoSea awarded EEW the contract for 159 pin piles which are required to anchor the jackets on the seabed.

In March 2019, the production of the single cans will start in the plants of Erndtebrück, Pickhan, and SPC. The final assembly of the 35 - 45 m long pipe structures will be done in Vlissingen (Netherlands) where a mobile production unit had previously been installed for the Beatrice project. At present, order negotiations are held with various manufacturers for the production of structural pipes for the jacket foundations of the offshore wind farm. EEW is very happy to have obtained the order award due to the fact that again at last a jacket for an offshore wind project will be produced and that EEW can profit from its traditional core competence: the assembly of pipe sections.

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