Apprentices benefit from EEW's strong network

Apprentices collect international experience within EEW Group


The quality of our apprenticeship is very important for us. Therefore we deem it being important that our apprentices throw an eye into the international network of the EEW Group and get the chance to visit the production plants spread all over the world", says Christoph Schorge. The Erndtebrück apprentices are offered the opportunity to visit the Rostock plant during their second year of apprenticeship, and in the third year they get the chance to go to Korea where EEW runs two production plants.  

Exchange between EEW Erndtebrück and EEW SPC Rostock While in the summer of last year the apprentices from Erndtebrück were able to get to know the impressive dimensions of the monopile production in Rostock, four apprentices from Rostock came to Erndtebrück in early October. In the first week, the apprentices explored the in-house EEW training workshop at Weldec. Here they were introduced to the general activities of design and industrial mechanics they will be in the future. During the second week, they were introduced to the pipe production. The apprentices learnt how the process works to produce the large product range of EEW Erndtebrück. They assisted their colleagues in the production steps 'plate edge milling', 'end profiling', 'pipe cutting', and 'maintenance'.  

Exchange between EEW Erndtebrück and EEW Korea In July 2016, the future construction mechanics Kevin Weiß, Marcel Grebe, Pascal Ernst, and Philipp Schruttke got the exciting chance to gain international experience in an EEW plant abroad. During their 3 weeks stay in Sacheon at South Korea's southern coast, the four young EEW employees gained a view into the culture and lifestyle of their South Korean colleagues.                                                

"At the beginning of our stay, we had quite a hard time due to the very high temperatures. At night, the temperature sometimes was still at 30°C, and during the day, the thermometer rose up to 40 degrees. This was quite unfamiliar to us", Kevin Weiß recalls. Joining the working activities in the two Korean plants involved mainly to carry out the welding at the SAW stations they were acquainted with. The apprentices were entrusted with a special task during the last week of their stay: "In the third week, we were asked to assist the maintenance department. Here, we helped the mechanics to erect the new SAW station which had been supplied by Weldec, an EEW subsidiary", Marcel Grebe reports.  

In addition to the stay in the factories, the Korean colleagues presented a comprehensive sightseeing programme during which the apprentices from Germany could cast their eyes onto country and its people. The sightseeing programme included a city tour through Busan, the second large town of South Korea, a guided tour through a traditional open-air museum and one day in a leisure park. "It was really an interesting experience for which we are very grateful. It was a pleasure for us that we had the chance to see the country during the trip", Kevin Weiß draws a positive resume. Also Guido Blankenstein, the training supervisor at EEW Erndtebrück, appreciates the exchange project: "I am convinced that the exchange programme is a good idea. By participating, the apprentice mechanics have the opportunity to get an insight into the various production plants and their products and production processes, but they also gain important social and intercultural competence. This will have a positive effect in their future life."