Beatrice OWF

The EEW Group fabricates structural pipes for 84 jacket foundations

Major contract for the EEW Group: six production plants are involved in the fabrication of all 84 jacket foundations for the off-shore wind farm Beatrice in the north of Scotland. Alongside the German plants in Erndtebrück, Rostock and Siegen, both Korean plants as well as an assembly centre in Vlissingen (the Netherlands) which has been established purely for this order, are participating in the production of the steel pipes for this flagship project.

The Dutch company Seaway Heavy Lifting is acting as the general contractor (EPCI) and is responsible for the construction of the wind farm. Bladt Industries (Denmark), Smulders (Belgium) and BIFAB (UK) are taking over the assembly of the jackets. The EEW Group has received the contracts from all three fabricators and will thereby deliver the total volume of structural pipes needed to build the jacket foundations for the wind farm. Additionally, EEW will produce 208 piles for Seaway Heavy Lifting. These will be produced in the Rostock and Erndtebrück plants.

Production of the first structural pipes for the jacket constructions started already in middle of August 2016. The first deliveries were performed in September 2016. The production of the piles started in October 2016. When faced with tight schedules and the multitude of involved parties, EEW developed a new concept in project and supply chain management in collaboration with its four customers, in order to coordinate the activities which are part of the project from the delivery of the primary materials and across the production of the steel pipes up to transportation. It includes, among other measures, the establishment of an additional assembly centre near the coast in Vlissingen. This enables the completion of extra-long ready to install pipe sections and smooth transportation.

Now that the owners SSE (40%), Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) (35%) and SDIC Power (25%) have given the construction the green light in spring 2016, the 588 MW wind farm is expected to generate energy for 450,000 homes from 2019 on.