Climbing up on Mont Ventoux Summit for ALS research

29 EEW employees collect donations no less than 55,000 Euro


As already reported in the recent edition of our staff magazine, Evert Scholtes, the managing director of EEW's Dutch agency, had fallen sick with ALS. Only a few months after the diagnosis, by the end of January this year, we were very sad to learn that Evert had passed away.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a most serious disease of the motor nerves system. The muscle functions of the sick person continuously are decreasing very fast. A medicine or an effective method of treatment is still under research and not yet available.

It is remarkable how strong Evert's family, especially his daughter Fenna, commits actively to collect ALS charity donations. For example last year she and three of her girl-friends participated at the Amsterdam City Swim competition.

Another donation event followed the 3rd of June 2016. This was the 'Tour du ALS'. This is a benefit bike race in the South of France. More than 400 participants made it to the top of the Mont Ventoux ('the windy mountain') on an approx. 22 km long and 1,600 m high climb.

An EEW "joint-venture" of Fenna Scholtes and Aart van der Steen, Evert's successor in EEW CTS BV, filled 29 EEW employees and three Smulders employees (EEW's customer from the Netherlands) with enthusiasm to participate in the bike tour.

Although the guys Stefan Geisweid, Benny Schröder, Timo Kroh, Karsten Weyandt, and Aart van der Steen were unbelievably successful in climbing the mountain three times, it was not the sports idea to play the lead. It was all about the collection of donations for the ALS research and for the caring of ALS patients and to offer an unforgettable event to them and their families.

All participants of EEW were deeply moved of the impressions they had during the event. There was an atmosphere beyond comparison already before, but also during the race and during the final get-together which will definitely remain in the participants' memory. A thought-provoking matter to all of us!

The total amount of donation that was collected was the sum of 633,000 Euro, and the share of the EEW participants was 55,000 Euro.

Frauke, Fenna, and Marlo Scholtes as well as Aart van der Steen are due a big Thank You for the organisation on EEW side.