Construction for the world's largest ship

It has a length of 382 metres, its width is 124 m, it displaces 900,000 tons of water and it is designed to piggyback oil and gas platforms: the PIONEERING SPIRIT (formerly known as PIETER SCHELTE, the name was changed beginning of 2015) is a vessel in the employ of the Swiss offshore company Allseas. Among other things, the PIONEERING SPIRIT is used to disassemble old oil and gas platforms and to take them back to shore.
Already in 2014, EEW Korea produced pipes for this huge vessel. Only three years later, EEW Group participated in another project for this ship. In 2017, EEW Pickhan was awarded the contract to produce a crane pedestal with a diameter of 20 metres which is now part of an on-ship crane of 5,000 tons lifting capacity.

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