Dr. Kwan-Gyu Tak is the new Managing Director of EEW Korea

Since 1st April 2018, Dr. Ing. Kwan-Gyu Tak is the new commercial Managing Director of EEW Korea. He is successor to C. S. Park who is starting his well-deserved retirement phase. Dr. Tak, a native Korean, spent 24 years of his life in Germany where he graduated in machinery construction with a doctorate (2004 - 2007). Dr. Tak has profound knowledge of products and market in the steel pipe business and he has vast experiences in sales and marketing as well. In the following interview, Dr. Tak will enlighten his new range of tasks:

What are your tasks as Managing Director of EEW Korea and which targets do you aim at?
K.-G. T.:
"My task as Managing Director of EEW Korea is to implement clear structures in all company processes. This is one of the basic prerequisites for the successful implementation of all projects on which we work together. At the same time, it is very important for me to work in a team that communicates openly and works together on the set goals. This is the only way we can cope with projects getting more and more complex. Therefore, it is also my responsibility to further promote communication and teamwork within the company so that both internal and external cooperation are more effective."

What are your personal wishes for the future cooperation with your colleagues within the EEW Group?
K.-G. T.:
" According to my opinion that cross-location communication is the basis for successful cooperation in an internationally active company such as the EEW Group. For this reason, I hope to continue to improve the exchange between the individual plants and the agencies in order to meet the challenges as a global team. I am sure that exchanging our experiences and sharing our knowledge will enable us to achieve a great deal and thus the position of the EEW Group as the leading specialist for submerged-arc welded steel pipes on the market in the long term."

We are very pleased that we have found a competent managing director for EEW Korea in Dr. Tak and wish him every success for his future tasks.


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