EEW pipes are part of a innovative platform

ONE installs mobile platform to develop smaller oil & gas fields


After the oil production in the North Sea had already achieved its maximum in the year 1999, this area of natural resources is rated to be fully developed. Only quite small, undeveloped oil and gas fields are remaining the development of which does not really make sense in view of their profitability.  

Taking the background of this challenge into account, the energy company Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) has developed a new type of platform which was installed for the first time in October 2016. While most of the offshore platforms are firmly mounted on the ground ‒ this means that they are used only once ‒ the platform type P11-E is designed as a modular construction.      

This allows that the construction can be used several times. Based on the modular design, it was necessary to meet some special requirements within the framework of the production of pipe constructions for EEW. For example, pipe components for the platform's legs were equipped with large flanges in the Erndtebrück-based production. With such flanges, the legs can be screwed apart to be extended by additional pipe components, making them usable in deep-water areas. Maik Schnabel, EEW's technical project manager: "We are happy to have contributed to the success of this innovative gas exploitation project by producing the pipes for this platform foundation."