EEW SPC will supply monopiles for Hornsea Project 1

EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has been awarded

Rostock-based company EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has been awarded an order from the Danish energy company DONG Energy to manufacture 116 monopiles for the 1.2 GW-sized offshore wind park Hornsea Project 1.

The contract signing took place in a low-key ceremony on 21st November, 2016 in Rostock. "Due to the scale of the project, Hornsea Project 1 has changed the way we are doing offshore wind projects. With EEW SPC we will get the monopiles we need from one supplier that we really can rely on." says Duncan Clark, Senior Programme Director at DONG Energy, during the signing of the supply contract.

In total 91,800 tonnes of steel will be manufactured by EEW SPC for this order from March 2017 through to April 2018. The foundations for the 7 MW turbines will have a diameter of up to 8.1 metres. Heiko Mützelburg, CEO/Managing Director of EEW SPC, emphasises: "With this prestigious project we are able to achieve another milestone in the development of EEW SPC. With the completion of the monopiles for Hornsea Project 1 we will have both directly and indirectly produced over 600 foundations for DONG Energy. Moreover, we are delighted about the renewed confidence in us and are proud that we have been selected to also provide the foundations for the world's largest offshore wind farm in the future." Maria Lindhoff Kjær, Director of Structures Procurement at DONG Energy, adds: "Based on our long-term collaboration, EEW SPC have proven that they are ready to take on the manufacturing of the full scope of 116 monopile foundations for Hornsea Project 1."

Due to be operational in 2019, Hornsea Project 1 will be the first offshore wind park which will have a capacity of more than 1 GW. The wind farm, with 174 wind turbines in total, will be installed off the Yorkshire (UK) coast covering an area of 407 km² and is intended to deliver electricity for well over one million households.

Pictures/Image source:

Picture of the contract signing of Hornsea Project 1 in Rostock.

Please use the reference "EEW SPC" for this footage.

You can see - back row (from left to right): Frank Benfer (Head of Sales EEW SPC), Maria Lindhoff Kjær (Director of Structures Procurement DONG Energy), Esben Strandgaard Kyndesen (Senior Commercial Manager EEW SPC), Ulrik Hemmingsen (Package Manager DONG Energy), Jörg Stuhr (Senior Project Manager EEW SPC), Kåre Knudsen (Lead Contract Manager DONG Energy); front row (from left to right): Michael Hof (COO/Managing Director EEW SPC), Heiko Mützelburg (CEO/Managing Director EEW SPC), Duncan Clark (Senior Programme Director DONG Energy), Claus Nørgaard (Senior EPC Director DONG Energy).

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