EEW supplies pipes for LNG terminals in the U.S.

Not only C steel grades, but also stainless steel grade were processed

The United States have reached the status of the world's largest producer of natural gas by massively exploiting shale gas with the fracking method. For some time, the domestic demand has not been as high as the quantity produced. This allows the U. S. to export more and more of the gas they are producing.

Beginning of May, the U. S. supplied gas to Europe for the first time, but omitting the usual public fuss. A U. S. gas tanker transported LNG from Sabine Pass terminal, Texas, to the port of Sines in the south of Portugal.

Considering that the Americans strive to achieve the change from being a gas importer to being a gas exporter, more and more LNG export terminals are being installed on the U. S. east coast. Their infrastructures allow to liquefy natural gas and to transfer it to tankers for ocean transport.

During the past few months, EEW succeeded in delivering pipes for not less than three newly built LNG terminals in Texas.

The first project comprised of approx. 5,300t of steel pipes for the Corpus Christi LNG project. A quantity of 3,000t pipes was delivered to the previously cited Sabine Pass terminal, and another 8,300t for the Freeport LNG project. Production was done in the Erndtebrück and Siegen based plants as well as in Korea. The responsible persons of the Sales department were very pleased that not only these orders for C pipes but also an order for 2,500t stainless steel pipes could be booked.