New plate edge milling machine for EEW Erndtebrück

Additional machine sets new standards in view of quality and efficiency

When entering the production halls in Erndtebrück, one can see construction activities which have been going on since a few weeks in hall 2. After having built a new foundation pit, the guys of EEW's subsidiary Weldec are busy erecting a new plate edge milling machine.  

After its commissioning end of February 2017, this machine will represent the future focus of plate machining. In this connection, the whole area 'material receipt' and the plate processing department will undergo a new structuring. Once the construction work is completed, the plates can be fed from Hall 1 through the new plate edge milling machine and the pre-bending press to the following production lines.              

Beside a significant optimisation of the production flow, this machine will set new standards with regard to quality and speed. To achieve this, Weldec has developed a brand-new milling support consisting of two components being axially offset to one another. This system allows a simultaneous processing of two plates, and as a consequence thereof, the cutting speed is significantly increased. Both milling units are controlled individually by a separate scanning system.                      

The system guarantees highest precision when it comes to recognizing the short waviness. This will be of advantage for processing clad plates  

Christoph Schorge, managing director responsible for EEW's technical issues, appreciates that the constructional work is smoothly going on, and he praised the good relationship between company Weldec and EEW's operational technics department.