Offshore wind farm Formosa II

The project is composed of 47 jacket constructions

The Taiwanese government has big plans for the future of renewable energy sources. For that reason it has been announced that, until 2025 around 5.5 GW of Taiwanese energy should be sourced from offshore wind farms. Until 2030 more than 1000 wind turbines are planned to be installed offshore.

That energy revolution is excellent news for the EEW Group. After successful completion of the OWF project Formosa 1 the second part of the project, located in the Formosa Strait between Taiwan and China, will follow. The project is composed of 47 jacket constructions which will build the base for the wind turbines.
All three Asian EEW mills are essential participants of the production. From December 2019 until August 2020 structural pipes with a total tonnage of 47,500 tons and pin piles with a total tonnage of 44,000 tons will have been produced. The pin piles will be assembled for constructions up to 79 m.

After completion in 2021 the wind farm Formosa 2 will have a capacity of 376 MW and will be able to provide 380,000 households with green energy every year.