Reorganisation of the sales office in Düsseldorf

Improvement of support to the EEW sales network by direct affiliation to the Erndtebrück sales department


Since 1st July 2016, the Düsseldorf based trade office, formerly known as EEW-CTS, now operates under the name EEW Erndtebrück Sales Office Düsseldorf. But not only is the name new, also the organisation and the sales strategy have undergone a restructuration.  

By affiliating the Düsseldorf trade office close to the central Erndtebrück headquarters, the team of four will contribute to EEW's sales network. In this connection, it will concentrate upon EEW's product range which could be enhanced significantly during the growth of EEW Group within the last decade.  

Christoph and Marta Schene as well as Ulrich Bergmann and Tobias Bergmann will take care of the continuation of frame contracts with oil and engineering companies and they will focus on orders encompassing small lots and fast delivery time. The Düsseldorf sales office will cooperate closely with the German production plants. The combination of the flexibly acting EEW Bergrohr production, the extensive Erndtebrück production range and the niche products from EEW Pickhan allows EEW-Düsseldorf to offer a comprehensive service for urgent orders. This makes the sales office in Düsseldorf an attractive business partner for the renowned trading houses in the Rhein/Ruhr area.