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Since the founding of the company in 1896, EEW Bergrohr has developed itself into one of the most experienced German steel pipe manufacturers. After the integration of the traditional company into the EEW Group in 2014, EEW Bergrohr has represented the centre of excellence for thin-walled steel pipes in the EEW Group. Based on the production programme, which includes pipes with wall thicknesses of 9.53 mm (0.375”) to 38.10 mm (1.5”) and diameters of 610 mm (24”) to 2,540 mm (100”), EEW Bergrohr has the perfect conditions to serve our customers in the pipeline and process industries.


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Longitudinally-welded double-seam (LWDS) pipes

In order to overcome limitations with regard to pipe diameter, which is defined by a maximum achievable width of the heavy plate, EEW Bergrohr fabricates LWDS pipes. In the manufacturing of pipes with two longitudinal seams, outer diameters of up to 2,540 mm (100”) at a length of 12 m (39.4 ft.) can be achieved.

In-house laboratory

EEW Bergrohr has its own in-house materials testing laboratory, where the welds’ mechanical-technological properties are examined and the test results can be documented. In addition to tests to determine the yield strength, tensile yield strength, impact toughness and hardness, we have the possibility to carry out bend tests and spectrographical analyses.

Unique transport system

A transport system that is one-of-a-kind worldwide was installed at EEW Bergrohr in order to optimise the internal logistics capabilities. The pipes are transported to the various processing stations with a special transport vehicle. In addition, an automatic documentation system was developed and with its help, the pipe can be seamlessly followed throughout the entire production process.

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With more than 2,100 employees and nine production facilities throughout the entire world, the EEW Group is the world’s leading specialist for the production of submerged-arc welded pipes.

We move in complex markets where one aspect is more important than all of the others: the development of custom solutions for unique projects. For that, you need abilities and know-how. For that, you need experience. But most importantly, you need employees who make every effort to achieve the best results. Motivated people who gladly meet new challenges are always welcome to become a part of the EEW family. Together we develop new dimensions.


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