The forming specialist

EEW-Pickhan is one of the global leaders for special forming works. The German mill, which was incorporated within the EEW Group in 2010, focusses on the production of highly specialised pipes and piping components such as extremely thick-walled pipes, half shells and cones. Perfect cold forming of heavy plates with wall thicknesses up to 300 mm (11.8") is carried out by well trained staff operating state-of-the-art machinery. With these products EEW-Pickhan serves an attractive niche market and completes the product portfolio the EEW Group. 

Key Competences

Extensive experience

EEW-Pickhan is the forming specialist in the EEW Group. Started in 1930 as a small blacksmith’s shop, EEW-Pickhan disposes today of extensive experience in the production of pipes with small diameters and heavy wall thickness up to 250 mm (9.84"), conical segments and multi-dimensional (3D) forming.

High flexibility

Special machinery and equipment as well as particular processes allow EEW-Pickhan to adapt to customers' requirements in the short term. Whether small tonnages or short lengths – EEW-Pickhan is able to find cost-saving solutions for our customers' satisfaction. This flexibility also enables us to fulfill highest customer requirements with very short delivery times.

Jack-up rigs

So-called chords make up special products in the EEW Pickhan portfolio: half-shell segments that are welded to racks and that serve as legs for jack-up rigs. To this effect, cold-formed or warm-formed half-shell segments with mechanically-processed longitudinal and circumferential weld preparations are manufactured in a bending machine. In order to subsequently connect these components with the racks, we use welding machines that were specially developed for this in-house. In this way, we guarantee the fulfilment of the highest quality standards for these components, which are critical for safety.

SQ m Production Floor
MTPA Production Capacity

Passion for challenges

Become a member of our team

With more than 2,100 employees and nine production facilities throughout the entire world, the EEW Group is the world’s leading specialist for the production of submerged-arc welded pipes.

We move in complex markets where one aspect is more important than all of the others: the development of custom solutions for unique projects. For that, you need abilities and know-how. For that, you need experience. But most importantly, you need employees who make every effort to achieve the best results. Motivated people who gladly meet new challenges are always welcome to become a part of the EEW family. Together we develop new dimensions.


EEW Pickhan

EEW-Pickhan Umformtechnik GmbH

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