Reliable quality and customer service

Over recent years, EEW has established itself as the specialist for clad pipes that meet the highest quality standards. With more than 100,000 tons of clad-pipes for the largest clad projects on the market to date, EEW has been providing expertise in the production of these products since 2007.

The Group's headquarter in Erndtebrück, Germany, specializes in the production of clad pipes in a wide range of dimensions with the highest quality standards.

To this end, the production facility was expanded into a full-scale clad manufacturing production facility. With high-tech machinery, EEW is able to meet all customer requirements in terms of quality, dimensions and tolerances. A newly installed, in-house pickling facility enables direct processing of the clad pipes. This ensures an efficient production flow. With customized solutions, we support our customers in the successful implementation of their projects.

In addition to manufacturing, this service also includes organizing and ensuring smooth cooperation with subcontractors. To guarantee its success, EEW has established a network of reliable raw material suppliers and subcontractors. Thus EEW will continue to support its customers as a strong partner for the implementation of complex projects.

Long service life and excellent cost-efficiency

Environmental conditions, growing safety requirements and project cost pressure have changed the dynamics and demands in the pipeline industry. Clad materials combine the corrosive and/or wear resistance properties of corrosion resistant alloys respectively high-alloyed materials with the high strength and toughness of carbon manganese steels. This results in potential reductions of the total wall thicknesses as well as a minimized need for CRA material both leading to significant cost savings of up to 70 % or more, depending upon grade and wall thickness.

EEW's unique fabrication programme

EEW clad pipes are manufactured from metallurgically roll-bonded or explosion bonded plates. The metallurgical bonding ensures the integrity of the clad material throughout the fabrication process, up to and including welding and pipe installation. In general, the fabrication of clad pipes follows the well-established EEW production routes. The standard dimensional production range with O.D. starting at 323.9 mm (12") and lengths up to 13,200 mm (43′) can be applied.

Tolerances and measurement

EEW is able to meet the highest requirements for the dimensional tolerance of pipes. This is achieved by optimized production technology and, if required, also includes the mechanical processing of the pipe ends. For this purpose, the pipes are monitored during production and finally measured and documented with state-of-the-art, high-precision measuring equipment (laser-based and/or various coordinate measuring machines).


Fields of application​

• Refineries, petrochemical and chemical industry​

• Pipelines, risers, slug catcher​

• Desulphurization plants​

Advantages of Clad material​

• Reduced material costs​

• Less weight due to reduction of wall thickness​

• Lower cost of filler metal​