Employee working on a hot glowing heavy pipe

Thick-Walled Pipes

High-intensity bending systems

Customers in the line pipe industry, in the construction industry and in mechanical engineering often need pipes with very thick walls that are not part of the classic cold-worked submerged-arc welder pipe fabrication programme. Thanks to extensive knowledge of welding techniques and the shaping of steel, we are able to fulfil these special needs. 

Ready for demanding dimensions

In addition to the product portfolio of a typical pipe plant, EEW is in top form if the manufacturing of SAW welded pipes with small diameters as well as large wall thicknesses of up to 250 mm (9.8”) are needed. 

Additional services

Upon customer request, our pipes can undergo various heat treatments, surface treatments and end machining. In addition, we can make cut-outs on the ends of the pipe or on the body of the pipe.