An employee handling a cone with a crane


Ready for challenging geometries

Cones constitute a special feature in our production programme: centric and eccentric cones with various aperture angles and special edge processing, such as crimped edges. These cones are primarily used in the offshore construction industry as well as in mechanical engineering and pressure vessel construction.

Wide production programme

EEW carries out the forming of cones from carbon steel, stainless steel or clad material in cold moulding processes. Cones with aperture angles of up to 45° are a part of our standard production programme.

Cones for the offshore wind industry

As the leading producer of monopile foundations for the offshore wind industry, EEW produces conic components with diameters of between approx. 5,000 mm (196.9”) and 10,000 mm (393.7”) with wall thicknesses of 50 mm (2”) to 120 mm (4.7”). The processed raw material is carbon steel (typical material classes: S355NL/ML, S420NL/ML) that we source from internationally leading plate mills.