A bridge support jacket on a ship in norway

Offshore Platforms

Building on a strong foundations

EEW’s traditional strength is the production of pipes for offshore foundations. Since the founding of the company in the year 1936, EEW has constantly improved its products and services for this line of business. 

Jacket components

Today we are in the position to offer our customers a complete range of products in the area of jacket components. In addition to single pipe lengths, structural pipe components can be delivered with the following complete or single services under the terms of our Point-to-Point Construction Service:

  • Cutting to fixed lengths, machining and tapering of the ends
  • Circumferential welding
  • Production and assembly of add-on components, such as cones, shim plates, reinforcement rings, etc.
  • Weld beads (shear keys)
  • End profiling

Pin piles & suction piles

Large amounts of piles are necessary in order to attach offshore foundations like jackets to the sea floor. EEW produces classic pin piles as well as suction piles with lengths of up to 120 m (393.7 ft.).

Pipes for topsides & decks

Topsides are the heart of a platform. Whether it is a facility for the further processing of oil and gas, drilling rigs or living quarters - EEW also makes structural pipes with smaller diameters for topsides available to its customers.

Tension legs

Because the offshore oil and gas industry is constantly moving into deeper waters in order to tap into new sources, so-called tension legs present an adequate alternative to conventional jacket foundations. Tendon pipes must offer great resistance to fatigue and collaps. Therefore, they are subjected to the highest demands with regard to primary materials, calibration and welding. With more than 75 years of experience in the production of steel pipes, EEW is in the position to fulfil these strict quality requirements.