A big construction with structural pipes

Point-to-Point Construction Service

Greater than the sum of its parts

With today’s volatile market conditions and challenges with regard to pricing, flexibility and quick delivery are significant factors for success. With regard to these customer requirements, we developed our Point-to-Point Construction Service. This service comprises the pre-fabrication of pipe components, from detailed engineering to pipe production to the organisation of transport. At an early project phase, EEW begins the pre-planning in close cooperation with the customer. Using detailed engineering, ideal solutions are prepared together. With the beginning of pipe production, the key activity of our Point-to-Point Construction Service comes into play - the assembly of pipe components that are ready to be installed.

Perfect solutions for the construction industry

In addition to single pipe lengths, structural pipe components can be delivered with the following complete or single services:

  • Cutting to fixed lengths, machining and tapering of the ends 
  • Circumferential welding
  • Production and assembly of add-on components,
    such as cones, shim plates, reinforcement rings, etc.
  • Weld beads
  • End profiling


With our Point-to-Point Construction Service, we make it possible for you to be a step ahead of your competition by improving the following competitive factors:

Cost efficiency

  • Shorter production time
  • No interferences at the yard
  • Minimal wastage

Project schedule

  • Shorter fabrication time at the yard
  • Simultaneous construction work is possible


  • Controlled production conditions
  • Recurring processes
  • Highly-qualified workforce


  • Elimination of weather conditions
  • Reduction of work at elevated heights


  • Reduction of wastage and transport