Offshore wind energy power plant

Offshore wind

Clean energy needs strong foundations

During the renewable energy boom at the start of the 21st century, the wind energy industry was brought into offshore areas. EEW recognised this trend early and developed itself into a pioneer in the production of pipes for offshore wind foundations. As a strong partner for the industry, EEW has already participated in the first German research projects, like Alpha Ventus.

Complete solutions for demanding tasks

With our three plants - EEW SPCEEW KHPC and EEW AOS that are specialised in the production of offshore wind components, we can manufacture almost all types of foundations in accordance with our customers’ requirements. We manufacture monopiles, transition pieces and pre-fabricated components for jacket constructions.

Larger diameters of today for the energy of tomorrow

The latest development in our product portfolio for the offshore wind industry is the manufacturing of XL Monopiles. Based on comprehensive investments in technology and infrastructure in our Rostock plant, EEW Special Pipe Constructions, monopiles can be produced with diameters of up to 12 metres (472.4”) and piece weights of up to 2,500 tonnes. These pipes serve as monopile foundations for the construction of offshore wind parks at great water depths.


Monopiles / XL Monopiles

Transition Pieces

Jacket Components

Pin Piles / Suction Piles


Jack-Up Legs