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Strong foundations for tomorrows energy

Structural Pipes Offshore Wind

Going forward to tomorrows energy

EEW has developed itself into a pioneer in the production of pipes for offshore wind foundations by adapting the renewable energy boom at the start of the 21st century. In addition to straight steel pipes for monopiles, transition pieces, pipes for jacket constructions and piles, EEW offers additional services, such as coating or the fitting of secondary steel components. Our Point-to-Point Construction Service is another special aspect of our product portfolio. With this service, we provide ready-to-install pipe components for our customers.

Reasons to partner with EEW Group

Research & Development

The demand for energy is growing immensely and the installation sites of offshore wind farms are becoming more demanding. Both changes result in higher requirements for offshore wind foundations. With extensive R&D programs, EEW is continuously developing its products to fully meet the growing technical requirements.


All five EEW plants, specializing in offshore wind foundations, are logistically excellently positioned to supply foundations to projects all over the world. Thus, all production sites have direct port access so that constructions can be loaded directly onto vessels or floated to the installation site.

Project Management

Extensive projects require extensive project management. The project teams are assembled according to their product-related know-how as well as their project experience.

EEW supports its customers with many years of expertise and worldwide availability.

Offshore Wind Pipes Global Experience

Decades of global experience

We support our customers in realizing their projects in that, we do not simply produce single lengths of steel pipe, but also ready-to-install and individually pre-fabricated steel pipe components. EEW has always conquered new business areas by seeking and understanding industries and markets. 
The latest proof was at the beginning of this century as we decided to employ the collected expertise gathered over decades in steel pipe fabrication to enter the offshore wind market. Today we are a market leader. 
At the beginning of the 1970´s, EEW was one of the first pipe manufacturers that recognized the increased need for pipe components in the offshore oil and gas industries. Today, our customers can trust in more than 85 years of experience. 

Point-to-Point Construction Service

Our Point-to-Point Construction Service involves the pre-fabrication of piping components from detailed engineering and pipe production to the organization of transport. EEW starts at an early stage with the pre-project planning in close collaboration with the customer. By detailed engineering, the optimal piping solutions are jointly determined. When pipe production starts, the key activity of our Point-to-Point Construction Service – the fabrication of ready for assembly piping components – comes into play.

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Success Stories

On September 21, 2023, the first eight monopiles for the Dominion Energy Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project were loaded at the Rostock…

Almost exactly 5 months after the first loadout, the last of 64 monopiles was loaded at EEW SPC's dock.

The EEW Group is pleased to announce that the production of 123 pin piles for the Greater Changhua 1 & 2a Offshore Wind Farms project has…

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