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Comprehensive solutions for your demanding projects

A successful project not only includes the manufacture of a high-quality and technically demanding product. Welding alone is not only what makes us a reliable partner that our customers have been relying on for decades.
It is the synergy of comprehensive project management, continuous development of processes, and precise work along the entire value chain that makes our products such high-quality.

Product quality

Delivering a consistently high quality of our products is our biggest goal. This is the only way we can guarantee the durability and longevity of our pipes and ensure that our customers and their projects are always ready for use. To achieve this, we continuously improve our production steps, work only with high-quality materials and regularly train our employees.

Forming technology

Forming steel plates is a core activity of our manufacturing process. Our pipes are formed using either a bending press or roll bending. We have an unparalleled range of capabilities across the Group and can manufacture pipes from 16'' to 472''.

Welding technology

Welding is our core competence. We have been manufacturing high-quality welded steel products for more than 85 years. To fully meet customer requirements, we are constantly developing. In doing so, we not only draw on external expertise, but also create our own knowledge and methods that optimize the welding process.

Sizing technology

At various points in the manufacturing process, our pipes are sized. In this way, we strive for almost complete roundness of the end product. This is particularly important for assembly and pipeline pipes in order to keep the duration of assembly on the construction site as short as possible. For calibrating, we use both calibration presses with templates that form the pipe from the outside and an expander technique inside the pipe.

Laser measurement

To measure our finished products, we have developed our own laser measurement technology. With this crawler technology, we can create an allowance from hundreds of measuring points of the pipe ends as well as the inside of the pipe. In this way we can guarantee the perfect roundness of our pipes.


In order to prevent our pipes from external impacts we use several methods to coat them. Whether it is a basic surface treatment, a concrete layer or Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) coating. We are able to provide most types of coating in-house and collaborate with reliable and long-term partners such as Krebs Korrosionsschutz (Corrosion Protection).


Pickling is an important step in the manufacturing process of our specialty products such as clad and nickel pipes. To make the process as efficient as possible, we have an in-house pickling facility at our Erndtebrück site. Using a specially developed pickling process, we can extensively process our pipes.


In order to be able to use and install our pipes directly on the construction site, it is important that the ends are pre-machined. We offer our customers various end profiling options. This saves one of the steps and thus valuable time during assembly.

Heat treatment by furnace

Almost all of our Process pipes and some Line pipes need extra heat treatment to reach the final mechanical properties required for their long life and safe application. With our heat treatment furnaces, we can reach temperatures up to 1060 degrees Celsius. Thus, we are able to perform normalization, stress relief and solution heat treatment.

Inductive heat treatment

Some materials, such as heat-resistant steel Grade 91, require a high temperature heat treatment for pipe to reach the desired mechanical properties. In combination with a high diameter-to-wall-thickness ratio rapid heating is necessary to prevent any deformation of the pipe. For this purpose, heating pipes moving through an induction coil is the best solution.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing is one of the two main methods we use to test our pipes. This is done not only at the end of the production process, but throughout the entire process. Using ultrasonic, X-ray, dye penetrant and visual inspections, we inspect the pipes for welding defects and other inaccuracies. The products are only delivered to the customer after successful inspection.

Inhouse laboratory

In order to be able to carry out a complete product inspection, we also carry out destructive tests in addition to NDT. Material and pipe samples are analyzed using state-of-the-art technology in our in-house sample laboratory. Here we carry out tests according to Aramco specifications.

Packing and logistics

In addition to manufacturing and testing the pipes, we also care about the packing and logistics. This includes the use of caps and rings to protect the pipe ends. Furthermore, we combine the pipes into bundles and add loops to the pipes in order to ensure easy handling.

Project Management

Whether it´s an XXL monopile with a diameter of 12 m or filigree Clad pipe with a diameter of only 35 cm -  every customer project is individual and equally important to us. For this reason, we adapt our project management individually to each project. Our organization is dynamic, so that we are always able to form a project team for each order. These teams are interdisciplinary and not only include members from one location, but often from the entire EEW Group. Thus, we have the possibility to rely on comprehensive, group-wide know-how. 
Even before the first plate starts to be produced, we provide our customers with comprehensive advice. We carefully examine the technical properties and specifications of the pipe and identify any potential to make our customer projects even more successful.


Construction pipes always require detailed planning of attachment parts and weld seams. In order to find the best solution for construction elements we partner with our customers at an early stage. This aim of this joint-construction work is to achive project goals together. Thanks to our many years of extensive experience in the construction pipe business we can advise our clients regarding cutting, beveling, welding, assembly, profiling and various other processing methods.

Large scale projects

High volume projects require a special kind of handling. Despite large quantities, the quality must also be consistently excellent. As the third component, timing plays a significant role. EEW masters this combination of time, quality and quantity in order to handle our customers' large-scale projects excellently. This is how we ensure outstanding EEW quality in large quantities on the agreed schedule.

Special purpose pipes

We supply pipes for special purposes. Some projects, especially civil construction projects, require rather small quantities but sophisticated pipes. We support our customers from the first offer to the distribution of the final product. In doing so we draw on our experiences, as we have already supplied famous construction projects such as the Burji Khalifa and the Bernabeu stadium with our pipes. We strive to improve each of our customer projects no, matter the quantity.

Supply Chain

A reliable and well-organized supply chain is now more important than ever. In order to support our customers through the production of high-quality pipes and pipe components, we continue to organize the supply chain around our product. We provide our customers with full service with everything to do with pipes. This means that additional manufacturing or service steps are managed from a single point of contact. These steps include, for example, the production of bends, special coatings such as concrete coatings, or the attachment of components such as cones. We also take care of the transport of the pipes to subcontractors and finally to the project destination. It goes without saying that in all of these processes we work exclusively with qualified suppliers who are regularly audited by us.

Group-wide know-how

With six plants and 17 sales offices worldwide, we are globally networked and always have an ear to the various markets. We trust and rely on our group-wide knowledge and constatly exchange ideas to improve it. This enables us to manufacture projects at several locations. Furthermore, our employees can work in our different plants and thus share their personal knowledge with international colleagues. 

Construction Service

For more than 50 years in the steel pipe business, the EEW Group has been one of the leading manufacturers of SAW pipes. To maintain this position in the future, we not only supply our customers with steel pipes of the highest quality, but also support them with complete solutions for their ambitious projects.

Point-to-Point Construction Service

Volatile market conditions and challenges in terms of pricing, flexibility and fast delivery are important factors for the success of projects. To meet these customer requirements and to support our clients in the best possible way, we have developed our Point-to-Point Construction service. This service comprises the pre-fabrication of pipe components, from detailed engineering to pipe production and the organization of transport. At an early stage of the project, EEW begins the pre-planning in close cooperation with the customer. Using detailed engineering, ideal solutions are developed together. With the start of pipe production, the key activity of our Point-to-Point Construction Service comes into play - the assembly of the ready-to-install pipe components.

In addition to single pipe lengths, structural pipe components can be delivered with the following complete or single services:

  • Cutting to fixed lengths, machining and tapering of the ends
  • Circumferential welding
  • Production and assembly of add-on components, such as cones, shim plates, reinforcement rings, etc.
  • Weld beads
  • End profiling

Benefits of our Point-to-Point Construction Service

With our Point-to-Point Construction Service, we make it possible for you to stay ahead of your competition by improving the following competitive factors:

Cost efficiency

  • Shorter production time
  • No interferences at the yard
  • Minimal wastage

Project schedule

• Shorter fabrication time at the yard

• Simultaneous construction work is possible




• Controlled production conditions

• Recurring processes

• Highly-qualified workforce

Safety and Environ­ment

• Elimination of weather conditions

• Reduction of work at elevated heights

• Reduction of wastage and transport

Ready-for-installation service

To facilitate the production process at sea, EEW offers its customers ready-to-install service. This service includes machining measures such as marking and applying attachment parts such as weld beads. This means that the products can be transported directly to the installation site and do not have to be handled in the yard. With this service our customer can safe a great deal of time.

Success Stories

The EEW Group has been supplying pipes for various areas of the projects since 2014.

On September 21, 2023, the first eight monopiles for the Dominion Energy Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project were loaded at the Rostock…

Almost exactly 5 months after the first loadout, the last of 64 monopiles was loaded at EEW SPC's dock.

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