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Connection as a corporate value

We live "connection" every day - because it is one of our four corporate values. Our greatest aspiration is that our employees and their families are healthy and that we maintain good social interaction. Social commitment and social anchoring are guidelines that have been actively lived in our company for generations. That is why we are committed to good coexistence not only in our company, but also in our region. We focus on people as individuals and as part of a social group.

Health & Safety

EEW considers health and safety to be the most important aspects of our business activities. For this reason, safety is the top priority in everything we do at EEW. We believe that all accidents are preventable. To achieve our goal of zero work-related injuries, it is critical that we work together as a team and collaborate with our customers, suppliers and partners. Our approach is to take care of each other, to support and protect one other.

Our belief

All accidents are preventable

Our goal

Zero work-related injuries / illnesses

Our approach

Working together for safety

"Accidents are not acceptable and all injuries are preventable."

Christoph Schorge, Chairman and Managing Director EEW Group



Our safety procedures and guidelines are the key components of the factory management systems and aim to ensure a common high standard across the Group. All EEW factories are certified according to ISO 45001 standard for occupational health and safety management system.


Check ISO 45001 Certificate - EEW Group

Learn more about our activities in occupational safety management:

Weekly toolbox meetings

The weekly toolbox meetings between supervisors and employees create information transparency and an opportunity to exchange on topics relevant to workplace safety. Our health and safety experts, shift supervisors and production staff discuss potential risks, current incidents and innovations. This internal training measure keeps all production staff up to date.

Analysis of safety hazards and derivation of preventive actions

All our workplaces, especially in the production area, are regularly analyzed and subjected to a risk assessment. In this way, our HSE department determines which risks occur in the workplaces and how they can be eliminated. The complete substitution of the risk is prioritized. In a next step technical solutions or organizational measures such as special training courses follow. In this way risks are systematically reduced.

Internal & external audits

To ensure a continuous improvement process and compliance with legal requirements, we regularly conduct internal and external audits. Thus, on the one hand, we audit all instructions that we impose on ourselves. This internal control mechanism ensures that we can guarantee a high level of quality, occupational safety and environmental protection. An audit team, consisting of two members of staff who audit independently of each other, check various production processes on a random basis.

Furthermore, through our ISO 45001 certification, we are committed to consistently adhering to these guidelines and are regularly audited for compliance by customers, suppliers and certification bodies.

Info Center for Safety

Our HSE Info Center is centrally located at our production site in Erndtebrück so as -  to be easily accessible for all staff on site.

The HSE team is available during daily service hours, which cover all shifts, to answer any questions about occupational safety. With the Safety Point, a central location was created in production where confidential concerns are discussed and exchange with colleagues is actively practiced. The separate room is used to talk about hazardous areas and incidents, to ask general questions about safety or to conduct briefings. The central contact point for the safety officer is also located there.

Education and training of the employees

First aiders and safety officers are regularly trained for our company. This ensures that those co-workers who are trained to provide first aid and recognize and address unsafe conditions at an early stage are present at all time. Naturally, the courses are regularly repeated by external instructors to refresh knowledge. The integration of safety officers also provides a supervisory body that acts as a link between our HSE department and all other staff. In this way, important knowledge is passed on to all co-workers.


Learn more about our activities in occupational health management (can vary by EEW subsidiary):

Health and Social Hotline

With the health and social hotline of "Diakonie in Südwestfalen", we offer our employees and relatives help with health and/or social issues to care about personal health of our employees and maintain a trouble-free environment for them. The services range from arranging doctor/specialist appointments, advice on addiction problems to support with financial difficulties, help with caring for relatives and other difficult life situations.

The success of the health and social hotline has led to its recent launch at our second German location in Rostock.

Urban Sportsclub Membership

To support the health and fitness of our employees, we offer our workforce discounted membership in the Urban Sportsclub. This concept allows them to take part in thousands of different sports activities throughout Germany with just one registration. The offer is particularly diverse because not only fitness studios are USC partners, but also swimming pools, yoga studios or climbing gyms.

In this way, we encourage our employees to balance their job with a sporting activity.


Every Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., a group of motivated colleagues from the Erndtebrück site meet to do early-morning exercises together. Under the guidance of trained fitness instructors, they complete a strength and cardio program lasting around 1 hour. After the "boot camp", they can then start the working day feeling strong and awake.

"Even if it sometimes takes some effort in the morning, you're always glad you went to Team Sport afterwards. You have already done some sports and as colleagues we always motivate each other," reports Pascal Irle, ERP consultant at EEW PPE.

Inhouse occupational/vocational Rehabilitation Management

If employees are sick for a longer period of time or if there is an excessive level of sickness in a department, our BEM (company integration management) team takes care of this. In addition, the colleagues in the BEM team provide support with rehabilitation applications or the application for health-preserving measures such as lifting aids. This ensures that the health of our employees is maintained in the long term.

Medical Check-up and Vaccination

Our staff undergo regular mandatory or voluntary occupational medical examinations, depending on their workplace and their activities, to ensure that they are physically fit for their tasks and that no health issues have arisen in the course of their employment with the company. In addition, our employees have the opportunity to take advantage of various vaccination offers, such as an annual flu vaccination.


Leadership & Person­nel Devel­op­ment

We are convinced that the company's success is highly dependent on good leadership and highly skilled staff. Due to the complexity of our business and projects, teamwork and thinking across departmental boundaries is required. This necessitates a high level of individual responsibility with regard to the expected overall result and only works with a mutual understanding of leadership and collaboration across the company. Our managing guidelines form the basic framework for good collaboration between our leadership and employees.

Learn more about our Management Guidelines

Employees App

With the NEEWS app, we are breaking new ground in internal communication. We communicate with each other quickly and easily and share relevant information on digital devices.

The employee’s app is an important step for the digitalization of central processes within the Group. It enables better networking of employees and the establishment of a uniform communication structure.

From June 2023, news and important information such as shift schedules, contact details or our employee benefits will be communicated promptly and bundled on one platform via EEW NEEWS.

Check out the public version of the app. Download now.

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Android version


Talent Promotion

Personnel development is a high priority for us. That is why we offer our employees numerous opportunities for further training. In the annual staff appraisal, every employee has the opportunity to proactively express individual training requests.

At the organizational level, we ensure uniform quality standards among managers by subjecting our supervisors in production to the "Meister Assessment Center" and training managers in the administrative areas in intercultural competence.

In addition, we offer individual coaching and an internal talent program in which talents are identified and promoted. Our employees can contact our personnel development officer in confidence at any time.

Work-Life-Balance and Staff Satis­faction

EEW is committed to being an attractive workplace and the employer of choice in the steel pipe industry. We are aware that motivated employees need an appropriate working environment. We enable our employees to balance their private lives and professional lives in the best possible by offering attractive benefits. 

Learn more about our activities in work-life-balance and staff satisfaction (can vary by EEW subsidiary):

Flexible working hours

On the one hand, there are areas in our company without a shift system. In these, we offer employees flexitime. In addition to a core working time in the morning, colleagues can flexibly arrange the rest of their working time.

On the other hand, there are also many employees who work shifts. We offer them individually adapted part-time models.

Working time accounts

We value the time our employees spend advancing our company and therefore record the time on working time accounts.

The additional time worked can then be managed independently by employees in the form of compensatory time off. Compensatory time off for accrued overtime is also possible for several days at a time, subject to agreement. 

Working from home

In work areas where mobile working is possible, we actively offer this to our employees.

This gives employees the opportunity to plan their days more flexibly: Long commutes can be saved, tasks can be completed with fewer distractions and private matters can be optimally integrated into the working week. Depending on their area of work, employees can work from home up to 2 days a week.

Certificate family-friendly company

Family friendliness and the compatibility of work and private life is the top priority at EEW. The certificate "Family-friendly company"; awarded by the Competence Center Women and Work (Competentia) confirms this.

Flexible working time models in the administration or individual part-time and re-entry models enable the care of children and relatives or the re-entry after longer work breaks. As a family business, EEW not only looks after its employees but also their families. At annual company events such as the EEW Christmas market with the "Christmas tree to go", it is an integral part of the corporate culture that both the partners and children of the employees are also welcome.


Social Commitment

Social commitment is an integral part of our corporate culture. At all our production facilities across the world, we maintain strong ties to the local community. Therefore, our social commitment primarily focuses on local institutions and activities, as well as youth development such as kindergartens, schools and other local educational institutions, in addition to cultural and sports clubs and local youth work. Moreover, the employees and owners of the EEW Group regularly take part in spontaneous aid and donation campaigns.

Learn more about our activities in social commitment (can vary by EEW subsidiary):

Waldland Hohenroth

EEW attaches great importance to the protection of the local forests. For this reason, the company group has been supporting the association "Waldland Hohenroth" for many years. This association has created an information center in an old forester's lodge and the surrounding forests, that educates people about the relationship between humans and the forest, thus making an important contribution to regional environmental protection. The facility is not only visited by private individuals, but also serves as an educational institution away from the classroom for school groups.

Sport Club TuS Erndtebrück

With more than 1,300 members, TuS Erndtebrück is one of the largest local sports clubs. The club's sports program is diverse and not only includes soccer and athletics, but also winter and fringe sports. For many people from the region and EEW employees, the club is a meeting place and offers space for sports activities. Many children of the staff are also members of the club. Due to the family atmosphere in the sports facility, parents know that their children are always well looked after and cared for and are also encouraged on a sporting and social level.

YDA Bad Berleburg

The EEW Group is strongly committed to supporting the next generation in the region. That is why, we have been supporting local youth work for many years. We are involved in various associations such as the Bad Berleburg Youth Development Association. The YDA has set itself the task of strengthening youth work in the region. It offers basic and advanced training for volunteers and actively supports projects that safeguard and promote youth work. In addition, the association also provides individual family support and is active in an advisory capacity.

Donation Support "Ahrtal"

After the extent of the flood disaster became known, five trainees from the EEW headquarters spontaneously decided to travel together with their supervisor to the severely affected "Ahrtal". During their stay, the group assisted local residents in desludging basements, disposing of furniture, and helping with a variety of other cleanup tasks.

"It makes me proud to see that our trainees wanted to help in the flooded region. None of us could have imagined beforehand what to expect. We are glad that we were able to help the residents," says Guido Blankenstein.


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