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As an expanding, multinational company, EEW Group is committed to acting as a responsible company, employer and business partner wherever we operate in the world. This is important for the company and our employees, but also for our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct and other governing documents set the framework for how the Group acts and follows its business practices. The principles in our Code of Conduct are built on our core values, our sustainability focus areas, international and national legislation and other ethical guidelines.

It is applies across our global organization and covers: Human Rights and Employment, Health and Safety, Business Ethics and Environment.

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"The Code of Conduct is an important compass that points all group members in the right direction. All our activities shall at all times be conducted with integrity and respect for business ethics, people and the environment. It is our strong belief that acting in a transparent and correct way, is crucial for our company success and our reputation as a trusted company"

Christoph Schorge, Chairman and Managing Director EEW Group

Whistleblower Channel

At EEW we live a "Speak-up" culture. Questions can and should be asked and concerns about possible misconduct can be expressed at any time. We have a strong interest that any violation of our policies is reported immediately in order to take counteractive measures.

In order to ensure that the conduct of all employees complies with this Code of Conduct, applicable laws and regulations and our internal policies and organizational instructions, we rely on the support of every EEW Group member, as well as our business partners or third parties. They can always contact the direct supervisor or other managers directly if they have concerns about possible misconduct.

Violations can be easily and anonymously reported via our whistleblowing system. It gives the possibility for filing a confidential online report on inappropriate and illegal conduct in the company. In addition to the online report, a hotline is available in order to report misconduct verbally. The system can be used by employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and other people with an affiliation to EEW Group.

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Privacy Policy of EEW Whisteblower System is provided here. 

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