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Monopile Loading

More diameters for the energy of tomorrow

As a pioneer in the production of monopiles, our customers can rely on long-term manufacturing knowledge gained from the completion of more than 70 offshore wind projects. With a production capacity of more than 200 monopiles per year, the EEW Group is able to contribute significantly to the global expansion of offshore wind energy. Since 2008, EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH, located in Rostock, Germany, has supplied foundations for offshore wind projects worldwide. With EEW American Offshore Structures, founded in 2020 in New Jersey, USA, the EEW Group is ready to supply the fast growing US-American offshore wind market with high-quality monopiles.

Reasons to partner with EEW Group

~ 12 m

Outer Diameter

2500 t

piece weight

120 m

total length

The rising global demand for energy is driving growth in offshore wind turbines installation. Consequently, the size of the monopiles that are the foundations for these turbines is also increasing. As the world's leading manufacturer of large-diameter pipes, EEW has both state-of-the-art technical equipment and extensive know-how to anticipate these trends early on and to offer customers the ideal solution for their project. Our EEW monopiles are produced from high-quality steel plates. Thus we are able to process all common offshore grades starting at S355 up to S460 and above.

EEW monopile processing services

Monopile Coating


In close collaboration with our partners we can provide different coating systems. Besides the typical organic coating of monopiles we also offer automated Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) coating. The specific corrosion protection made of TSA and its favorable 'self-healing' long-term behavior due to chemical reaction allows the omission of additional cathodic anodes. This then leads to cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits.

Secondary Steel

Secondary steel

Besides the monopile production we offer our customers the application of secondary steel elements for monopiles such as stubs for boat landing or ATP rings.

Reasons to partner with EEW

Project Management

With our top performance in production, our flexibility as well as our ability to adhere to delivery appointments and budgets we have developed excellent skills in project management and have established standardized processes in order to handle large scale projects. With two almost identical monopile mills we have the opportunity to split projects and speed-up customer orders.


With direct access to the port both EEW monopile facilities are strategically perfect located to load and transport the monopiles. We provide our customers with full logistical concepts and supply chain management for storage, transportation and load out (RoRo, floating, self-geared vessel and crane concepts).

Research & Development

In order to meet the increasing requirements of turbines and installation sites, it is elementary that we continuously develop our monopiles. Our internal research and development department works closely with our customers to design high-quality foundations for future wind farms.

Transition Pieces

Transition pieces can be used to connect the towers of the offshore wind turbines with the respective monopile. Made up of a steel pipe construction, the primary steel part, as well as secondary steel elements such as platforms, ladders or boat landing systems, transition pieces are essential construction components of offshore wind turbines. Acting as a general contractor, our offshore wind specialist EEW SPC provides the primary steel for transition pieces for final outfitting at the yard or a TP supplier.


Hornsea 1&2

year 2017-2021
customer Ørsted, DK
country UK
material S275 ML, S355 ML
dimensions diameter (mm): 6.000-9.500
wall thickness (mm): 30-102
length (mm): 77.594
tonnage 303.925 t


year 2016/2017
customer Bladt Industries
country Germany


S355 G7+M 
S355 G8+M Z35 
S420 G1+M 
S420 G2+M Z35 
S460 G2+M Z35


diameter (mm): 6000-7.750
wall thickness (mm): 70-104
length (mm): 80.600

tonnage 52.250 t


year 2022/2023
customer Vineyard Wind
country USA
material S355, S420
dimensions diameter (mm): 8.000-9.600
wall thickness (mm): 80-114
length (mm): 84.730
tonnage 98.320 t

Success Stories

On September 21, 2023, the first eight monopiles for the Dominion Energy Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project were loaded at the Rostock…

Almost exactly 5 months after the first loadout, the last of 64 monopiles was loaded at EEW SPC's dock.

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