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Developing new foundations

Components for Floating Structures

Going forward for new foundations

Since most coastal areas are already equipped with offshore wind turbines, consideration must be given to how the wind far off the coast can be used to generate energy. As the water depth is much deeper than in coastal areas, a solution other than monopiles or jackets as foundation structures is required. Floating structures offer a solution to this problem and also allow offshore wind turbines to be installed in rough conditions.

Designs of floating constructions

There are currently various designs of floating constructions. The four most common forms are the construction of a barge, semi-submersible, a floating pile or a tension leg platform. EEW pipes can be installed in all these types of floating constructions.

Partnering up to develop new dimensions

The offshore wind market has grown enormously in recent years and the trend is still rising. As the conditions and requirements change, the demand for foundations also changes. 
Following our commitment slogan GOING FORWARD, we are constantly monitoring developments in the OW industry in order to support our customers by coming up with new solutions for foundations.

The current development we are facing is the establishment of floating foundations for offshore wind farms. Several changed conditions require new solutions for offshore wind foundations. The main reason for this need is that the installation areas are being planned far offshore in great water depths.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that most installation areas near the coast are already equipped with turbines. On the other hand, the wind at sea, far off the coast, is much stronger than in coastal regions. This means that a greater energy capacity can be generated. 

So far, there is no definitive solution for a floating foundation that is suitable for most cases. To construct foundations that can withstand the rough conditions of the open sea, but can also be produced in large quantities.

As a pioneer in the offshore wind industry, we can draw on more than 15 years of experience. We supply a large portfolio of LSAW pipe that are used for various application areas. Above all, our experience especially in our point-to-point service is a great advantage for our customers.

Together, we examine and develop potential floating offshore wind structures in order to GO FORWARD in the offshore wind energy generation. 

"Floating offshore wind structures are an upcoming industry. The development of the entire offshore wind industry shows the large dynamic in the renewables sector.

With our know-how in the production of Monopiles and steel pipes for jackets and other offshore constructions, we can draw on experience that is beneficial for new products such as floating structures.

In addition to our main products, we are able to supply attachment parts as well as prefabricated components."

Frank Benfer, General Manager Sales | Structural Pipes - Monopiles




EEW Structural Pipes for Offshore Wind Foundations

Point-to-Point Construction Service

Our Point-to-Point Construction Service involves the pre-fabrication of piping components from detailed engineering and pipe production to the organisation of transport. At an early stage, EEW starts the pre-project planning in close collaboration with the customer. By detailed engineering, the optimal piping solutions are mutually identified. When pipe production starts, the key activity
of our Point-to-Point Construction Service – the fabrication of ready for assembly piping components – is applied.

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Hornsea 1&2

year 2017-2021
customer Ørsted, DK
country UK
material S275 ML, S355 ML
dimensions diameter (mm): 6.000-9.500
wall thickness (mm): 30-102
length (mm): 77.594
tonnage 303.925 t


year 2016/2017
customer Bladt Industries
country Germany


S355 G7+M 
S355 G8+M Z35 
S420 G1+M 
S420 G2+M Z35 
S460 G2+M Z35


diameter (mm): 6000-7.750
wall thickness (mm): 70-104
length (mm): 80.600

tonnage 52.250 t


year 2022/2023
customer Vineyard Wind
country USA
material S355, S420
dimensions diameter (mm): 8.000-9.600
wall thickness (mm): 80-114
length (mm): 84.730
tonnage 98.320 t

Success Stories

On September 21, 2023, the first eight monopiles for the Dominion Energy Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project were loaded at the Rostock…

Almost exactly 5 months after the first loadout, the last of 64 monopiles was loaded at EEW SPC's dock.

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