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EEW in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

EEW Malaysia

EEW Malaysia

EEW Malaysia

EEW Malaysia, founded in 2008, manufactures longitudinally-welded steel pipes to supply our customers in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Australia. The expertise is in large structural pipes and pipe constructions. 




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MTPA production capacity

Product Portfolio

Jacket Components for for Offshore Oil & Gas

Jacket Components

We have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing structural pipes and pipe components for offshore Wind and Oil & Gas.


Pin Piles

We also offer the production of piles in addition to jacket components in order to comprehensively serve customer projects.


Line Pipes

For these severe conditions, EEW offers LSAW pipes for various application areas.

Process Pipes Inhouse Treatment

Process Pipes

We manufacture steel pipes for the oil, gas, chemical and power generating industries in an extremely wide variety of materials.

This makes EEW Malaysia unique

Pre-fabrication of pipe components

EEW produces complete components ready for installation. These pipe constructions can be manufactured up to a length of 120 meters (393.7 ft.) and a piece weight of up to 800 tons.

Inhouse Coating facilities

Various coating procedures, such as fusion bonded epoxy coating (FBE), three-layer polyethylene coating (3LPE), internal flow coating systems or glass flake coatings can be carried out using our in-plant facilities.

Full-length pipe expander

With the implementation of the expander technology, we guarantee perfect ovality of the pipe as well as process stability, reproducibility and economic viability.