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Building the foundation of tomorrow´s energy supply

Pipes for Jacket Components

Providing a stable and reliable foundation for wind turbines.

Jacket constructions are state-of-the-art foundation types for offshore wind turbines and a crucial part of offshore wind parks. Together with the topside they build large parts of offshore wind jackets. Our worldwide network of production facilities enables us to deliver serial production of pipes for jacket components as well as topsides for large scale projects. While the jacket acts as a stable foundation below the waterline, the topside is the heart of a platform and officiates often as a facility for the transformation of power or living quarters. Based on our extensive expertise, we are able to provide you with pipe components for all types of jacket foundations and topsides.


Having more than 50 years´ experience in the fabrication of structural pipes and pipe components for offshore foundations and topsides, we contribute to the project success of our customers with technical support and a holistic project management approach.


A total of four EEW plants are capable of manufacturing components for jackets and topsides. Due to the ideal locations in Europe and Asia, projects can be served worldwide.

Product Portfolio

EEW offers an incomparably wide range of pipes for jacket components. In addition to the production of complex individual components, EEW offers post production services to supply customer projects with components for ready-for-installation constructions. Customized production and quick changeover of the production equipment ensure a high level of flexibility in production and make it possible to meet almost all customer requirements.

Dimensions of Jacket Components

0.4  - 5.50 m

Outer diameter

120 m

Total Length

300 mm

Wall thicknesses

800 t

total tonnage

Reasons to partner with EEW Group

Construction Service

For more than 50 years in the steel pipe business, the EEW Group has been one of the leading manufacturers of SAW pipes. To maintain this position in the future, we will not only supply our customers with steel pipes of the highest quality, but we will support them with complete solutions for their ambitious projects.

Project Management

EEW’s scope of supply includes not only the production of topside elements but also comprehensive project management. In order to manufacture the components precisely, EEW produces project-specific workshop drawings. In addition, EEW coordinates the cooperation with subcontractors for add-on components.

Supply Chain

In order to ensure that the quality of the attachments is just as high as that of the structural pipes, EEW works exclusively with qualified subcontractors. They manufacture components such as cones, which are then assembled to the structure by EEW. The suppliers of primary materials such as plates are also qualified and regularly audited.

Point-to-Point Construction Service

Our Point-to-Point Construction Service involves the pre-fabrication of piping components from detailed engineering and pipe production to the organisation of transport. At an early stage, EEW starts the pre-project planning in close collaboration with the customer. By detailed engineering, the optimal piping solutions are mutually identified. When pipe production starts, the key activity
of our Point-to-Point Construction Service – the fabrication of ready for assembly piping components – is applied.

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Moray East Jackets

year 2019
customer Lamprell
country scottland
material S355 ML 
S355 G8+M
dimensions diameter (mm): 1.100-1.700
wall thickness (mm): 50-90
max. length (mm): 5.000
tonnage 7.975 t


Formosa 2

year 2020
customer SMOP, Saipem
country Taiwan
material S355 ML 
S420 ML
S355G7/G8+M Z35 
S420G1/G2+M Z35
dimensions diameter (mm): 711-1.829
wall thickness (mm): 30-80
max. length (mm): 31.174
tonnage 47.364 t

Doggerbank Creyke Beck A&B Jacket

year 2021
customer Saipem
country UK
material S355 G9+M 
S420 G1+M 
S420 G2+M Z35 
S420 M 
S420 M Z35 
S420 ML 
S420 ML Z35
dimensions diameter (mm): 400-2.810
wall thickness (mm): 15-100
max. length (mm): 34.930
tonnage 4.872 t

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