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EEW Pipe Production Erndtebrueck


Standort EEW Pipe Production Erndtebrueck

The beginning of our history

EEW Pipe Production Erndtebrueck (EEW PPE) was founded in 1936 and is still the headquarters of the EEW Group. The traditional strength of this production site is the manufacture of longitudinally submerged arc welded pipes. The site is the competence center for Line & Process Pipes of the EEW Group and established as a worldwide specialist for Clad Pipes.




sqm production area

108 K

MTPA production capacity

This makes EEW PPE unique


Clad Pipe Specialist

Since 2007, EEW has processed more than 100,000 tons of clad material into high-quality pipes. With the production facility being specialized in clad pipes, including its own pickling plant, EEW PPE has geared itself to the increasing demand for clad pipes.

Materials portfolio

In addition to carbon steel tubes, our diverse material portfolio includes steels in high-alloy and low-alloy grades, duplex and super-duplex steels, as well as stainless steels and clad materials.

Tight tolerances

EEW has developed a calibration method that plasticizes the pipes over the entire length and circumference by multi-cycle compression. For this purpose, a single-axis calibration press with 35 MN (3,500 tons) and specialist tools are used.

Product portfolio

Welding Clad Pipes

Clad Pipes

The production facility in the Group’s headquarter in Erndtebrück, Germany, was expanded into a full-scale clad manufacturing production facility.

Pipes for cryogenic applications

Cryogenic Pipes

With state-of-the-art production technology EEW is able to produce high quality cryogenic pipes out of sensitive nickel-alloyed material.

Jacket Components for for Offshore Oil & Gas

Jacket Components

We have more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing structural pipes and pipe components for offshore Wind and offshore Oil & Gas.


Pin Piles

We also offer the production of piles in addition to jacket components in order to comprehensively serve customer projects.

Impressions of EEW PPE


"Starting with requirements for the plates, and going forward with the manufacturing process we have multilayer demands for quality."

Jörg Bottenberg, Technical Director EEW Group

Ultimately EEW has the ability to deliver a highly reliable product which supports our customers in completing their project on time and with the necessary quality. With years of experience and high-tech machinery, EEW PPE have gained a competitive advantage in clad pipe manufacturing. The stainless-steel layer enables transportation of highly corrosive materials such as sour gas. 

Key people EEW PPE

Christian Knebel

General Manager Operations EEW PPE

Guido Gärtner

Head of Project Management EEW PPE

Management EEW PPE

Christoph Schorge

CEO EEW Holding

Michael Hof

CSO EEW Holding

Markus Völkel

CFO EEW Holding

Dr. Jan Duch

CTO EEW Holding

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