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Environment, Social, Governance

Our Responsibility

Because it is
our responsibility.

It is our aspiration to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable and future-proof world. That is why we take care in treating our resources with respect in all our business activities.

Because it is
our mission.

As a global team, we keep things moving forward with full commitment, partnership and a drive for continuous improvement.

Because it has

Together, we are opening up new dimensions for the energy supply of tomorrow.

As a major supplier to the energy industry and especially as a pioneer in the offshore wind sector, we see it as our obligation to have a special focus on  the topic of "sustainability" across all our business activities.

Sustainability is a key pillar of EEW's strategy and a crucial guide for us in preparing the Group for the opportunities and challenges of the future. Our focus areas include our green product portfolio, operational eco-efficiency, internal and supply chain greenhouse gas emissions, and employee health and safety.

In addition, compliance with corporate governance principles and business ethics is critical with regard to our international operations.

Sustainability Statement

"We believe we have a responsibility to incorporate integrity and sustainability into every aspect of our business. This includes our approach to managing relationships, funding projects and decision-making. We are committed to ensuring that the world remains sustainable."

Torsten Göbel, Head of HSE & Sustainability, EEW Holding



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Head of HSE & Sustainability

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