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Piles for Offshore Wind

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Pin Piles for Offshore Wind Jacket Foundations and Substations

We also offer the production of piles in addition to jacket components in order to comprehensively serve customer projects. These are required in large quantities for the attachment of three- or four- legged jackets in the seabed. Due to various external influences, such as the conditions of the seabed or currents, individual requirements arise for each project. EEW is able to install a large number of different attachments to the piles thanks to our extensive machinery and the precise handwork of our employees. This allows us to offer our customers unique solutions. Large amounts of piles are necessary in order to attach offshore foundations like jackets to the sea floor. EEW is able to produce large quantities of piles in short time periods in order to support a smooth and quick installation process for our customers.


Offshore wind foundations are usually fastened by using what is known as pre piling. For this purpose, we provide the piles with weld beads as well as level marking to make installation at sea as easy as possible.

Post Piling


To install substations for the offshore wind industry in the seabed, a common method is post piling by using pile sleeves or driving a pile through the jacket leg. EEW offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio consisting of pin piles and pile sleeves as attachment parts for jackets.


We manufacture all pin piles ready-for-installation to support executing final assembly on-site as easy as possible. In addition, we have the option of producing piles with two longitudinal seams at all locations. This significantly shortens the supply chain for our customers, resulting in considerable cost and time savings.

Reasons to partner with EEW Group

large dimensional range

EEW produces classic pin piles as well as suction piles with lengths of up to 120 m (393.7 ft.). Besides that we offer our customers a unique combination of wall thickness and diameter.

short transportation routes

The ideal location of our production plants in Asia as well as in North America and Germany with direct access to the port enables easy load out and transportation of the piles on the vessel.

various attachment parts

The production program of our piles is supplemented by various attachment parts such as pile stopper, stabbing guide, drill dms wholes, weld beads, shim plates, catcher conus and pile gribber.

Piles by EEW


meter length


tons piece weight


meter outer diameter

steel grades

check API: e.g. API Grade X52, X60, API 2W Grade 50

check EN10225: e.g. S355MLO, S420MLO, S460MLO

check EN10025: e.g. S355ML, S355J2+N

check DNV: e.g. D36, E36


Greater Changhua

year 2021
customer Ørsted, DK
country Taiwan
material S355 ML 
S460 ML
dimensions diameter (mm): 3.900
wall thickness (mm): 50-70
max. length (mm): 82.900
tonnage 37.348 t

Formosa 2

year 2020
customer Jan de Nul
country Taiwan
material S355 ML 
S420 ML
dimensions diameter (mm): 2.438
wall thickness (mm): 60
max. length (mm): 78.900
tonnage 44.369 t

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm

year 2020
customer Bladt Industries/ Burntisland Fabrications Ltd. (BIFAB)/ Seaway Heavy Lifting/Smulders
country UK
material S355 M / ML
S355 ML Z35
S355 G8+M Z35 
S420 ML
dimensions diameter (mm): 444-2.222
wall thickness (mm): 12,7-70
max. length (mm): 54.000
tonnage 77.221 t

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