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Formosa 1 & 2

The Formosa project is the first commercial offshore wind farm in Taiwan. The EEW Group supplied foundation components for both Formosa 1 Phase 2 and Formosa 2, which serve as foundation structures for the wind turbines.

The scope of supply of the Formosa 1 project comprises 20 monopiles with a total tonnage of approximately 18,000 tons. Fabrication of the monopiles took place at EEW SPC in the fourth quarter of 2018.
After completion of this project, three EEW locations booked additional quantities for Formosa 2 at once, with EEW KHPC, EEW Korea and EEW Malaysia manufacturing both pin piles and pipes for jacket structures in 2020. Pin Piles with a total tonnage of about 44,000 tons were delivered to the customer Jan de Nul. Approximately 16,000 tons of material for 15 jackets were received by customer SMOP. EEW's key customer Saipem ordered around 31,000 tons of jacket material for 32 structures. 
For EEW Group, the Formosa project was a very significant order. "We are pleased to have been able to make such a major contribution to the construction of the first commercial Taiwanese wind farm. Our Asian plants in particular produced unprecedented tonnages. Despite full load, the quality of the products was outstanding. As with all EEW projects, the safety and health of all employees was the first priority for Formosa 1 and 2. Together with our customers, we complied with comprehensive safety concepts and were thus able to complete both projects accident-free with an excellent HSE record," states Michael Hof CSO of the EEW Group.