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At the beginning of the 1970’s, EEW was one of the first pipe manufacturers that recognized the increased need for pipe components in the offshore oil and gas industries. Since then, the EEW Group has been supplying offshore oil and gas projects worldwide with single lengths of steel pipe, but also ready-to-install and individually pre-fabricated steel pipe components.

Reasons to partner with EEW Group

Large product portfolio

In addition to conventional steel grades that are used for building typical jacket constructions, part of our daily business is the manufacturing of racks and chords from high-strength steels for jack-up rigs as well as low-temperature steels for implementation in the Arctic.

Special services

As a special service for customers in the construction industry, we offer our Point-to-Point Construction Service which includes the individual production of unique jacket components to facilitate the assembly process for our customers.

Worldwide availability

With six plants worldwide EEW is able to offer both a wide range of jacket components as well as large quantities of component parts. In this way, we offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from our global capacity and to produce parts for projects in different plants.

Because variety counts

With our many years of experience in the production of steel pipes, we are able to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. Besides the standard steel grades used in conventional jacket constructions, our daily business is the processing of high-strength steel with a minimum yield strength of 690 MPa and an extreme high toughness, which is designed for low temperatures (-60°C). This is used for the production of racks and chords for jack-up rigs.

Going forward with expertise

As a special service we offer our customers in the construction industry our Point-to-Point Construction Service. Based on detailed engineering, we manufacture customized and ready-to-install pipe components.

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Qatargas, WHP12N Jacket


year 2020
costumer Saipem
country Qatar
material API 2W Grade
dimensions diameter (mm): 406-914
wall thickness (mm): 12,7-25,4
max. length (mm): 11.700
tonnage 4.159 t


Jacket Material Saudi Aramco Marjan


year 2020
costumer LTHE, MCDermott
country Saudi Arabia
material API 2 W Grade 50
dimensions diameter (mm): 406-1.372
wall thickness (mm): 9,53-63,5
max. length (mm): 11.800
tonnage 11.985 t


Jacket Material + Cones ONGC's 98/2 NELP Block (CPP & LOUP) Project

year 2019
costumer Sapura
country Saudi Arabia
material S355 J2+N 
API 2 H Grade 50
dimensions diameter (mm): 406-2.674
wall thickness (mm): 15-80
max. length (mm): 4.000
tonnage 7.467 t

Piles ONGC's 98/2 NELP Block

year 2019
costumer AFCONS
country India
material S355 J2+N 
API 2 H Grade 50
dimensions diameter (mm): 2.438
wall thickness (mm): 60-120
max. length (mm): 12.000
tonnage 20.789 t

Wintershall D12-B & RAVN

year 2014/2018
costumer Wintershall
country Netherlands
material S355 G7+M 
S355 G10 +M Z35
dimensions diameter (mm): 406-3.613
wall thickness (mm): 12,7-95,3
max. length (mm): 37.001
tonnage 3.354 t

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