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EEW supplies Saudi Aramco projects

The EEW Group has been supplying pipes for various areas of the projects since 2014.

The Marjan and Berri oil fields are located in the Persian Gulf and have been a source of oil and gas since the 1970s. The owner and operator is the state-owned oil and gas company Saudi Aramco. 
The EEW Group has been supplying pipes for various areas of the projects since 2014. The scope of supply includes both line and process pipes as well as pipes that serve as components for the substructure of the platforms. In recent years, the EEW PPE, EEW Korea and EEW KHPC sites have supplied around 19,000 tons of line pipes, 18,000 tons of process pipes and almost 26,000 tons of structural pipes. In total, this tonnage corresponds to the annual production capacity of our Erndtebrück site and thus clearly shows how important the end customer Aramco is for the EEW Group. 
"We are proud to have been a reliable partner for Saudi Aramco for many years. With our expertise in the production of pipes for a wide range of applications, we are able to comprehensively serve these major projects," says Jörg Bottenberg, Technical Director EEW PPE.
The Marjan Crude Increment Program was launched in 2017 to increase production volumes. As part of this program, the production volume is to be increased by 300,000 barrels of crude oil per day. In addition, 360,000 barrels of ethane and natural gas liquids (NGL) are to be produced by extracting and refining 71 million cubic meters of gas per day. The expansion of the oil field includes the construction of 24 new platforms as well as other necessary construction measures, such as the expansion of the infrastructure and energy supply. 
The Berri oil field has also been undergoing expansion since 2018. Once completed, the production volume is set to double from 250,000 barrels per day. A further 11 new offshore platforms are being built as part of the Berri Expansion Project. 
“The EEW Group is constantly evolving to meet customer requirements. Among other things, the company is improving production processes, manufacturing methods and project management. "This will put us in an even better position to handle large-scale projects in the future," explains Bottenberg.