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Barzan Pipeline Project

Laser Measurement Clad Pipes

Laser Measurement for Quality Control of Clad Pipes

Qatargas’ Barzan Pipeline Project mainly comprises line pipes with outside diameters from 609.6 mm up to 812.8 mm and wall thicknesses from 17.8 mm to 23.7 mm, each with 3 mm lining material. The material used is UNS N06625 or UNS N08825 stainless steel. L450 steel served as the base material.

"Particularly challenging was the precise timing of production in an enormously long manufacturing period of around 18 months. Despite time pressures, the tightest tolerances on the pipes had to be maintained. Thanks to the great dedication of our employees, we were able to meet these high technical requirements of the project," reports Christian Knebel, Operations Manager EEW PPE.

To manufacture this extensive project professionally, the EEW Group invested around 6 million euros in advance in a new clad production line that meets the highest standards. This ensures that the production of clad and carbon steel can run completely separately at the Erndtebrueck location. This is important to avoid contamination of the backing material.

In addition to the production of the clad pipes, the project scope also included the coating of the pipes with a concrete layer. For this, EEW worked with a reliable partner in Italy, the company Socoterm. EEW was responsible for the transport to Italy to the coating company as well as to the port in Ravenna, from where the final shipment to Qatar took place.

EEW PPE is the competence center for clad pipes within the group of companies. Over a period of about 2 years, more than 75,000 tons of metal plates were processed into high-quality pipes.

The production of clad pipes is very complex and highly technical. But in order to increase the corrosion resistance of offshore pipelines and pipelines transporting acidic media, clad pipes are of utmost importance.

EEW recognized this relevance early on and included carbon pipes with stainless steel as the support material in its product portfolio. In 2017, the largest single share of a clad project on the market to date was awarded to the headquarters in Erndtebrueck.