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Avoiding the collapse

Buckle Arrestors

Buckle Arrestors

Special characteristics to prevent the collapse

Buckle arrestors are a special product in the EEW Group portfolio. The pipes with special characteristics of wall thickness and consistency act as a safety component to prevent the collapse of a pipe. Buckle arrestors are installed at certain intervals in an offshore pipeline. 
Due to their special strength and wall thickness, they provide circumferential stiffening of the pipeline. If the pipeline collapses during installation, the buckle arrestor stops it and thus prevents the destruction of the entire pipeline.

Reasons to partner with EEW Group

Buckle Arrestors

Mechanical processing

To enable quick and easy assembly of the pipeline during installation, EEW offers a comprehensive pipe finishing service. This includes the machining of the pipe ends so that they are perfectly shaped for direct welding.

Buckle Arrestors Assembly


EEW can also produce the pup pieces and weld them together with the buckle arrestor to a full joint that then can be directly connected to the pipeline by the pipe laying company.

Buckle Arrestors Coating


Another challenge is the coating of the entire buckle arrestor joint. To protect the buckle arrestors against external influences, it is possible to provide them with a protective coating. This Fusion-bonded epoxy and poly-propylene flame spray technology is subcontracted to qualified suppliers.

Security of installation process

The installation of an offshore pipeline usually takes from several months to years and comes with high costs. To protect the pipelines, which are often thousands of kilometers long, against collapse, buckle arrestors are installed in the pipeline at certain intervals. Should a collapse occur due to too much pressure, it is limited to as far as the buckle arrestor. Due to its special material and manufacturing properties, the component prevents a complete collapse.


Forming of high wall thicknesses

In order to meet the requirements placed on a buckle arrestor, it is necessary that the wall thickness of the component is significantly thicker than that of the rest of the pipeline. EEW is able to handle plates with a wall thickness of up to 70 mm (depending on diameter and material grade).


Collapse persistance

With both the S-lay and J-lay methods, there is a risk of the pipeline collapsing during installation due to rising water pressure. Because of its design, the Buckle arrestor prevents collapse and thus serves as a safety feature for oil and gas pipelines.


Steel grades

check Material grades with a SMYS up to 450 MPa for sour service requirements (e.g. API 5L X65 PSL2)

check Material grades with a SMYS up to 550 MPa for non sour service requirements (e.g. API 5L X80 PSL2)


South Stream

year 2015
customer Europipe
country Europe
material DNV OS-F101 L 450
dimensions diameter (mm): 735 mm
thickness (mm): 23,83-49,22
tonnage 2.900 t

Samsung Hawiyah Gas Reservoir Storage

year 2020
customer Samsung Saudi Arabia
country Saudi Arabia
material API 5L Gr. X60Q + UNS N08825
dimensions diameter 812.8 – 1.828.8 mm
thickness 25.43 – 58.75 mm
tonnage 4,431 t

Haradh and Hawiyah Field Gas Compression

year  2019 - 2020
customer Cunado
country Saudi Arabia
material API 5L Gr. BM / BQ + UNS N08825
dimensions diameter 406 – 1.524 mm
thickness 12,52 – 50,63 mm + 3 mm
tonnage 6,905 t

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