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Continous improvement

Quality Management

Our focus

We consider quality management to be a cornerstone of our company's success and are convinced that it is not only a tool for minimizing risk, but also a source of innovation and growth.
The quality management system and the structural mapping of the process landscape form the basis for the integrated management system within the EEW Group. 
With a constant focus on the expectations and requirements of our customers, we have established a quality management system that meets the requirements of API Q1 and ISO 9001.

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Groupwide Quality Management

The EEW Erndtebrück headquarters was previously certified according to ISO 9001 in 1992. With the establishment of further EEW production sites, the established QM system was also introduced at these other EEW Group sites. Thus, a uniform quality management system has been implemented at all locations across the EEW Group. The EEW Group has a cross-site ISO 9001 certificate, which is centrally managed and further developed by EEW Holding to ensure the constant implementation of conformity requirements at all sites. 

Regular external audits by a third party or event-driven audits by our customers regularly confirm the effectiveness of our QM system.
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Internal audits are also carried out regularly to check the effectiveness of EEW processes and drive continuous improvement.

"In order to continuously meet external requirements and deliver reproducible products of the highest quality, we are constantly developing our process landscape with our QM tools."

Stefan Kötting & Stefan Hedrich
Quality Management & IMS Coordination

Leadership and commitment

The QM-IMS standards are integrated into the company by the executive. Essential principles are therefore defined in the management policy, which serve as the foundation for our actions. Every year, individual management and process targets are also set as part of the annual management review and measures are developed with all departments to achieve them.  

Our aim is to (among other things):

  • to produce state-of-the-art pipes/pipe components, pipelines and pipe accessories
  • to identify and implement the requirements and needs of customers and interested parties
  • to inspire customers with the company's performance.

The EEW management policy can be viewed here.

Customer orientation

Proximity to our customers is a key to our success. We understand this to mean that all employees determine customer requirements carefully and comprehensively and then work in a solution-oriented team to successfully complete the project. Through a shared understanding, we achieve convincing results as experts in pipe production and delivery. 

The quality of our products and the holistic handling of the entire project, from order acceptance and production through to final acceptance and delivery, are pursued and handled by us in the interests of customer satisfaction. 
Ongoing customer feedback enables us to continuously optimize our daily work and further increase customer satisfaction in the long term.

3rd Party Certifications

Our existing 3rd party certifications underline our compliance with key quality management and product quality standards as well as industry-specific standards. 
We hold the ISO 9001 cross-site certificate, which documents the effectiveness of our QM system. 

In addition, we have other industry or product-specific certifications for specific sites that confirm our high quality standards in order to manufacture our products in good quality, e.g. 

  • API Q1 / API industry-specific standard (API 2B / 5L / 5LC / 5LD) 
  • ISO 3834 
  • EN 1090
  • PED 

Here you will find a list of all location-specific certificates.

QM Tools

The consistent implementation of various quality management methods is an elementary basis for the continuous maintenance and further development of the QM/ IMS, e.g:

The individual processes are checked for compliance with the EEW QM / IMS through regular internal audits.

Risk management
The organization identifies both opportunities and risks and uses a documented procedure to identify, eliminate or minimize risks. 

Management review
A site-specific evaluation of the IMS is carried out at regular intervals of  a  maximum of 12 months. The management objectives are defined as part of this process.

Change management 
The organization has implemented a company-wide change management process. This process can generally be applied to all changes.

Regular communication 
Within quality management, we rely on a regular exchange between all EEW locations and EEW Holding. This enables us to exchange knowledge and use synergies for continuous improvement.

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Stefan Kötting

Quality Management & IMS Coordination

Stefan Hedrich

Quality Management & IMS Coordination