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Pipes for cryogenic applications

Cryo Pipes

Supporting the energy transition

LNG is one of the transformational energies towards a sustainable energy supply. In order to meet the increasing demand for LNG, the infrastructure for liquefied natural gas is currently being intensively expanded. With its cryogenic pipes, EEW supplies a fundamental element for the construction of LNG terminals. Thanks to extensive research and development programs, EEW has established a production line for 36-nickel pipes in order to be able to pass on to its customers the advantages that the lower coefficient of expansion brings compared to stainless steel pipes. This enables simpler and safer piping concepts in terminal design. This also enables that the pipe system to accomodate different installation methods that are suitable for specific situations on site.

Reasons to partner with EEW Group


Steel grades

In order to transfer liquids and gases with extremely low temperatures it is necessary to rely on the right material. EEW produces LSAW pipes made of nickel alloys and nickel based alloys (e.g. 3,5%, 9% or 36% Ni) for application in plant construction and LNG terminals.

Pipes for cryogenic applications

Production technology

With state-of-the-art production technology EEW is able to produce high quality cryogenic pipes. Our specially trained welders are skilled in welding techniques capable of processing the sensitive nickel-alloyed material.



An extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 36% Ni alloy makes it a unique solution for cryogenic pipe-in-pipe systems. The system provides additional safety in case of any leakage. Moreover, this type of installation improves the flexibility of the global LNG trade supply chain.

Applications for transport and storage of liquids at temperatures down to

-196 °C

N2 liquefaction temperature

-253 °C

H2-liquefaction temperature

-269 °C

He-liquefaction temperature

Our Solutions


Due to the innovation of the pipe-in-pipe technology, the market for nickel alloy plates is very limited. EEW has longterm partnerships with suppliers of the pipe raw material to ensure continuous and high quality production.



As the pipe-in-pipe system not only includes a nickel-alloyed inner pipe, but also an outer pipe, which can consist of a wide variety of grades depending on the design, EEW also offers these as a complete solution. Thus, the entire system is supplied from one source and can be installed directly in the project.



Similar to the outer pipe, the location and environment play a significant role not only for the choice of the outer pipe but also for the requirements of the coating. This is also customer-specific. For this reason, EEW offers poly-ethylene and poly-propylene coatings to protect the pipes from mechanical effects.



EEW has a reliable supply chain and long-term experience when it comes to logistics. Precise packaging of the pipes ensures that the products are protected against weather and external influences.

Depending on customer requirements, special packaging such as airtight packaging is used.


Project management

EEWs project management includes besides the production of the pipes several other services and activities than contribute to a successful project. This, encompasses the exact technical assessment before the start of production as well as the close cooperation along the entire supply chain including -raw material suppliers and subcontractors.


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