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Securing tomorrow’s energy flow

Line & Process Pipes

Going forward to secure energy flow

To meet the growing energy demand of our time, the oil and gas industries are pushing into even more remote areas to tap into new resources. This includes, for example, regions deep at sea, in the Arctic or highly-corrosive environments. But it is not only the upstream industry that is confronted with these new challenges. The downstream also has to develop new, effective concepts to be able to transport oil and gas under high pressure over long distances.

Our EEW Line and Process Pipes are a reliable and high-quality solution for the transport of high demanding media. 

Reasons to partner with EEW Group

Research and Development

As the demands on our products are constantly growing, we are also continuously developing our pipes. Our research and development department works daily on the further development of our end products and manufacturing processes in order to continuously deliver high quality.


To ensure that the pipes reach our customers or the installation site undamaged, we also take care of the proper packaging and transport of the end products. Thanks to many years of experience, we can ensure that the pipes are not damaged during long truck, rail or ship journeys.

Project Management

Extensive projects require extensive project management. The project teams are assembled according to their product-related know-how as well as their project experience.

EEW supports its customers with many years of expertise and worldwide availability.

Offshore Wind Pipes Global Experience

Decades of global experience

The production of pipes for the oil and gas industry is EEW's traditional strength. Since the company was founded in 1936, we have grown steadily in this area and have continuously expanded our product portfolio. This makes us one of the world's leading pipe manufacturers in the oil and gas industry. Our customers can rely on more than 85 years of experience in the production of pipes and pipe components. We share this know-how throughout the group and constantly develop it further through continuous exchange. In this way, all our plants deliver the outstanding EEW quality that we are known for.

Success Stories

The EEW Group has been supplying pipes for various areas of the projects since 2014.

Laser Measurement Clad Pipes

Qatargas’ Barzan Pipeline Project mainly comprises line pipes with outside diameters from 609.6 mm up to 812.8 mm and wall thicknesses from…

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Head of Sales | Line Pipes

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Sales Manager | Line Pipes Clad Expert

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Sales Manager | Line Pipes

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Sales Manager | Process Pipes

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Sales Manager | Process Pipes

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Sales Assistant | Line & Process Pipes

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