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Leviathan project

Extraordinarily long - EEW SPC produces gigantic piles

In 2018, EEW SPC manufactured an extraordinary project. The Dutch company Heerema Marine Contractors B.V. placed an order with the EEW Group for 16 pin piles. What was special about this was that the piles are 156 meters long. With this total length, the piles for the Leviathan project are the longest piles produced by EEW SPC so far. To transport the piles, two SPMT's, are electronically coupled 84 meters apart. "The steel pipe for Leviathan is the longest pipe we have ever produced. Never before have we manufactured such dimensions. The transport by the SPMT's was especially challenging, in particular maneuvering coupled vehicles together with the 156-meter-long cargo through the narrow port area was a masterstroke" explains Jan Heyne, responsible project manager at EEW SPC. "Our colleagues are regularly trained in the responsible, safe and correct handling of all means of transport. Especially when transporting the pipes with SPMT's, extreme attention and caution is required. Nothing works alone here, we always work together in teams," reports Jan Krause, HSE Manager at EEW SPC.

The Leviathan field is located about 125 km west of Haifa, Israel in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and contains an estimated gas reserve of about 621 billion cubic meters (22 TCF). The piles are needed to anchor the Leviathan production platform in the seabed. Due to the great depth and the seabed conditions, the piles must be very long.

In addition to the manufacture of the piles, EEW SPC was also responsible for the manufacture and installation of the sea-fastening.