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With the founding of EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH (EEW SPC) in Rostock, Germany, the EEW Group has significantly contributed to the expansion of the offshore wind energy industry. Since 2008, EEW SPC has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of monopiles, which serve as foundation piles for offshore wind turbines. With more than 2,100 monopile foundations, our offshore wind specialist has developed into a leading manufacturer of this type of foundation. In our Rostock plant, thick-walled, longitudinally-welded pipes with a diameter of up to 12 metres (472.4”), a length of up to 120 metres (393.7 ft.) and a piece weight of up to 2,500 tonnes can be manufactured.


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XL Monopiles

In order to be able to install offshore wind farms in increasingly deep bodies of water, EEW produces so-called XL Monopiles. As an internationally leading manufacturer, EEW can manufacture monopiles with diameters of up to
12 m (472.4”), piece weights of up to 2,500 tonnes and max. lengths of 120 m (393.7 ft.). Under these conditions, we are perfectly prepared to master the challenges of the future. 

Ideal location and logistical support

The location of EEW SPC, our offshore wind specialist within the EEW Group, is located in Rostock, on the German Baltic Sea coast. Having a direct access to the quay, uncomplicated transport on barges or vessels their point of destination on the high seas is guaranteed. As a special service for our customers,  we provide full logistical support for transportation and loadout on request. 

Secondary steel & coating

The focus of our business activity is the fulfilment of our customers' needs. Therefore, in addition to our primary steel products, we offer our customers a complete service portfolio, made up of secondary steel and corrosion protection. With regard to this, we work together with our long-term partners and sub-suppliers.

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EEW-SPC news

What’s going on in Rostock

Heaviest monopile leaves EEW SPC’s Production Hall

EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has broken its own previous heaviest monopile record which itself was achieved as recently as July 2022. But this...

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EEW SPC supplies British offshore wind farm Sofia with monopiles

EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has signed a contract with Van Oord Offshore Wind UK Limited to manufacture 100 monopile foundations for RWE’s...

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Baltic Eagle project monopile production ends

In December 2022, as scheduled, the last monopile for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind project left the production line at EEW Special Pipe...

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EEW SPC manufactures heaviest monopile

It has been 6 years since EEW SPC manufactured what was then the heaviest monopile of 1302.5 tonnes for the Veja Mate project at its Rostock site.

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