A big construction with structural pipes

Structural Pipes

Buidling the future - piece by piece

We support our customers in realizing their projects in that we do not just produce single lengths of steel pipe, but also ready-to-install and individually pre-fabricated steel pipe components. At the beginning of the 1970’s, EEW was one of the first pipe manufacturers that recognized the increased need for pipe components in the offshore oil and gas industries. At the beginning of the 21st century, we decided to employ the collected expertise gathered over decades in steel pipe fabrication also to the offshore wind market.

Unique projects need unique solutions

In addition to straight steel pipes for monopiles, transition pieces, pipes for jacket constructions and piles, EEW offers additional service, such as coating or the fitting of secondary steel components. Our Point-to-Point Construction Service is another special aspect of our product portfolio. With this service, we provide ready-to-install pipe components for our customers.

Because variety counts

With our total of nine pipe plants, the EEW Group has a production programme that is one-of-a-kind internationally: We can produce pipes with an outside diameter of 406 mm (16”) to 10,000 mm (393.7”), wall thicknesses of up to 250 mm (9.8”), lengths of up to 120 m (393.7”) and with a maximum piece weight of up to 1,500 tonnes. In addition to the conventional carbon steel grades that are used in most jacket constructions, we at EEW also work with high-strength steels for racks and chords for jack-up rigs as well as low-temperature steels for use in arctic areas. 

Product portfolio

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