A male and a female employee with branded EEW helmets and suits looking at a blueprint an talk to each other


The development of new dimensions

For more than 40 years in the steel pipe business, the EEW Group has been one of the leading manufacturers of SAW pipes. In order to maintain this position in the future, we do not just deliver our customers steel pipes of the highest quality, but we support them with complete solutions for their ambitious projects.

Project management

Our top performance in production, our flexibility as well as our ability to adhere to delivery appointments and budgets are united in our technical and commercial project management. We have developed excellent skills in project management and established standardised processes. In addition, in the framework of the development of large projects, we help ourselves to international professional project monitoring and documentation tools.

Product development

In order to deliver the best technical solutions, EEW can already contribute to success in the conception phase of the project, with experience and specialist knowledge, coordinated with the special needs of our customers and while taking cost optimisation into consideration. In close cooperation with our customers, we are in the position to develop individual product solutions that are customised to our customers’ special challenges.

Research and development

We always strive for improvement. For this reason, we have implemented strategic activities in the area of research and development. Through the creation of international partnerships and cooperations with customers, suppliers and research institutions, it is our goal to continuously raise our products and processes up to a higher level, in order to meet the challenges for future energy supply needs.