Offshore platform with wind energy power plant

Jack-up Legs

Highest quality for safe work

The production of legs for jack-up rigs is a specialty in our production programme. Jack-up rigs are mobile offshore platforms with movable legs. The legs are pulled up during transport by sea. As soon as the platform reaches its destination at sea, the legs are extended to the sea floor and, in doing so, lift the platform to the intended height above sea level. While lifting the platform, the legs are placed under a lot of strain. Therefore, at EEW, they are built in accordance with the highest quality standards. This guarantees our offshore customers smooth and secure use.

Rack and chord segments

With our many years of experience in welding technology, we are in the position to create legs from so-called rack and chord components. We weld the half-shells with the tandem welding procedure, that is, with two wires on both sides, to the racks. Dependent on the required bend radius and wall thickness, the chord half-shells are shaped in cold or warm condition. The raw material is sourced from the market leading plate mills in Europe and Japan. It consists of high-strength steel with a minimum yield point of 690 MPa and an extreme high toughness that is designed for low temperatures (-60° C).

Column-shaped legs

In addition to jack-up legs made out of rack and chord segments, EEW also manufactures column-shaped components. This type of jack-up legs is manufactured from large steel pipes. Using our plants located directly on the harbour in Rostock (Germany) and Gwangyang (South Korea), we are in a position to manufacture ready-to-use leg constructions with a total length of up to 120 m (393.7 ft.).