Offshore platform in Germany with XL Monopile

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More diameters of today for the energy of tomorrow

At present, monopiles are the most advanced type of foundation for the construction of offshore wind turbines. In 2008, EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH was founded on the German Baltic Sea coast. With a pipe plant extremely close to the open sea, the EEW Group is perfectly prepared to fulfil the needs of its customers in the offshore industry. 

XL Monopiles

As a pioneer in the construction of foundations for offshore wind turbines, we always strive to improve our solutions. The newest development in our product portfolio for the offshore wind industry is the manufacturing of XL Monopiles. Through extensive investments in special production halls and facilities in our Rostock plant, we are in a position to manufacture monopiles with diameters of up to 12 m (472”) and piece weights of up to 2,500 tonnes. So-called XL Monopiles are considered to be the most reasonable solution for the foundation of offshore wind farms with higher turbine power in deeper waters.

Transition pieces

Transition pieces are needed in order to connect the towers of the offshore wind turbines with the respective monopile. Made up of a steel pipe construction, the primary steel part, as well as secondary steel elements like platforms, ladders or boat landing systems, transition pieces are essential construction components of offshore wind turbines. Acting as a general contractor, our offshore wind specialist EEW SPC provides the primary steel. For the secondary steel components, we are working in cooperation with reliable partners and subcontractors.

Complete solutions

In order to simplify the purchase activities of our customers, we offer complete solutions for offshore wind foundations. In cooperation with our partners and sub-suppliers, we deliver primary steel components, including a complete service made up of secondary steel and corrosion protection like coatings. In addition, upon request, we assume the complete logistical support for transport and loading.