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EEW SPC manufactures heaviest monopile

It has been 6 years since EEW SPC manufactured what was then the heaviest monopile of 1302.5 tonnes for the Veja Mate project at its Rostock site.

This record has now been broken. On 17 July 2022, a 1,421 tonne monopile was manufactured for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm. The pile has a diameter of 9 metres and a length of 89.36 metres. Baltic Eagle is Iberdrola's second wind farm project in the German Baltic Sea. Once commissioned, the wind farm with an installed capacity of 476 MW, will produce green electricity at least until the middle of the century.

More than half of the total of 50 monopiles have already been completed in steel construction. It is planned to complete their production by the end of November 2022. The installation of the monopiles is then planned for spring 2023 and the completion of the project for 2024.

Picture: EEW SPC