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Steel construction of Monopiles for Kriegers Flak complete

At the EEW Special Pipe Construction plant in Rostock, the last monopile for the Vattenfall project, Kriegers Flak left production in November 2019 on schedule.

72 monopiles are now structurally ready. The next step is to coat the foundations, some of which are up to 65.6 m long. This work should be completed by February 2020.

“Vattenfall would like to thanks EEW for another project, which was delivered in full accordance with our high expectation to EEW’s performance until this stage. The processing of the 72 monopiles went smooth and we are looking forward to the impressive load out operations next year”, says Ian Bremner, Project Director Vattenfall for DKF.

In May 2020, the monopiles will be floated across to the installation site. The foundations will be loaded with the new 164 m high heavy-duty crane from Liebherr, one of the most powerful rail-mounted heavy-duty gantry cranes in the world.

"We would like to thank Vattenfall for the good professional cooperation in the Kriegers Flak project. So far everything has gone smoothly and we are pleased to have been able to contribute to the success of the project", emphasises Heiko Mützelburg, CEO/Managing Director at EEW SPC.

Picture: EEW SPC/Andreas Duerst