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Vesterhav project completed

Last monopile for offshore wind farm Vesterhav, produced by EEW SPC, is successfully loaded.

The loadout of 41 monopiles for the 344 MW offshore wind farms Vesterhav was sucessfully completed at the quay of the Rostock-based company EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH on 20th April, 2023.

Following on from the order for the Kriegers Flak project, EEW SPC manufactured another 41 monopiles for Vattenfall. Each monopile is 77 meters long and weighs around 622 tonnes.

The wind farms Vesterhav is located off the coast of Denmark in the North Sea. After commissioning, Vesterhav project will supply more than 350,000 Danish households with environmentally friendly electricity each year.

Picture: EEW SPC