Line Pipes

Energy security for the future

In order to cover the growing need for energy of our time, the oil and gas industries are penetrating even more remote areas in order to tap into new resources. This includes, for example, regions deep at sea, in the arctic or highly-corrosive environments. But not just the upstream industry is confronted with these new challenges. Even the downstream area must develop new, effective concepts in order to be able to transport oil and gas under high pressure for great distances.

Reliable service

Considering these developments in the transport of oil or gas products and other liquids, high-quality line pipes are needed in order to ensure reliable service. We support our customers with LSAW line pipes and complete packages in accordance with internationally recognised norms such as API or ASME as well as in accordance with customer requirements. 


  • Straight steel pipes
  • Conductor pipes
  • Strain-based design pipes
  • Induction bends
  • Buckle arrestors
  • Pipes for finger-type slug catchers
  • Pipes for compressor stations
  • Pipes and eccentric reducers for pig receivers/launchers
  • Riser pipes
  • Gas storage piping
  • Pipes for deep sea applications

Special service

Corrosion-resistant steels

  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex steel
  • Ni-based alloys
  • Clad material
  • 13% Cr steel

High-strength materials

  • API 5L grades up to X100

    Sour service

    • NACE MR 0175/ ISO 15156
    • NACE TM 0284 (HIC)
    • NACE TM 0177 (SSCC)
    • Full Ring Test (OTI 95 635)
    • HIC / SSC approval
      criteria in accordance with customer requirements

    Pipes with special properties

    • Improved DWTT properties
    • Improved CTOD properties
    • Strain-based design
    • Low temperature properties
      to -196° C (-320.8° F)
    • Excellent dimensional
    • Abrasion-resistant
    • Collaps-resistant