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EEW SPC to produce the foundations for Baltic Eagle

EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has received an assignment from the Spanish energy company Iberdrola to manufacture 50 monopile foundations for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm.

“We see Iberdrola as an important strategic customer for worldwide offshore wind projects and therefore we are very pleased to be able to execute with Baltic Eagle OWF the first direct project with Iberdrola“, says Heiko Mützelburg, CEO of EEW SPC.

Baltic Eagle is located 28 kilometres to the northeast of Rügen island off the coast of Pomerania (Germany) and therefore practically on the doorstep of EEW SPC.

Iris Stempfle, Iberdrola`s country manager in Germany says: “We are happy for EEW SPC GmbH supporting us in this important project Baltic Eagle as an internationally leading manufacturer of monopiles. By creating a Baltic Hub with soon 826 MW, Iberdrola is contributing to Europe`s green recovery and local value creation on our home turf Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by securing important know-how directly at site.”

In total EEW SPC will process about 64,600 tons of steel for this order starting with production in January 2022. The monopiles will have a diameter between 8.75 meters and 9 meters and a maximum length of 90 meters. The heaviest monopiles will weigh 1,402 tonnes.

For this project the automated application of Thermal-Sprayed-Aluminium (TSA), an innovative corrosion protection method, will be used. The monopiles will be coated with a layer of aluminium including sealing with Epoxy (synthetic resin). Due to the special effectiveness of the anti-corrosive coating, there is no need for additional cathodic protection, e.g. sacrificial anodes.

The 476 MW large wind farm is intended to supply electricity for 475,000 households and is to be scheduled to be fully operational by end of 2024 while saving nearly one million tons of CO2 emissions each year.